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Carry More Gear, Stay Protected & Hard to See with a Good Pair of Camouflage Paintball Cargo Pants. We Offer a Big Selection of Military Bdu Camo Fatigues & the Best Padded Paintball Camouflage Pants in Tiger Stripe, Desert, Forest and Urban Camo Patterns For Cheap Online Sales Prices.

BDU Military Camo PantsBDU Military Camo Pants
Valken KILO Combat Outdoor Paintball Pants - Woodland CamoValken KILO Combat Outdoor Paintball Pants - Woodland Camo
Valken KILO Combat Pants - OCPValken KILO Combat Pants - OCP
Valken TANGO Combat Outdoor Paintball Pants - OCPValken TANGO Combat Outdoor Paintball Pants - OCP
VTac Echo Tactical Pants - US Armed Forces Woodland CamoVTac Echo Tactical Pants - US Armed Forces Woodland Camo
VTac Sierra Paintball Pants - Tiger StripeVTac Sierra Paintball Pants - Tiger Stripe
VTac Sierra Pants - MarpatVTac Sierra Pants - Marpat
VTac Sierra Pants - TacticalVTac Sierra Pants - Tactical
VTac Tactical Sierra Paintball Pants - Woodland CamoVTac Tactical Sierra Paintball Pants - Woodland Camo
VTac Zulu Outdoor Scenario Paintball Pants - MultiCamVTac Zulu Outdoor Scenario Paintball Pants - MultiCam
VTac Zulu Pants - MarpatVTac Zulu Pants - Marpat
VTac Zulu Pants - Tiger StripeVTac Zulu Pants - Tiger Stripe
VTac Zulu Pants - WoodlandVTac Zulu Pants - Woodland

Competition paintball pants are best for playing on a closed field with inflatable bunkers and turf, however leave much to be desired in a game of woodsball. This game is played in a much more potentially painful environment with hard and sharp objects all around.  Players use military camouflage gear and realistic tactical paintball weapons to carry out simulation combat missions in woods, desert and urban settings.  Running and crawling through the forest, thick brush and gravel is common and can easily cause injury to your legs if you don’t have the right protection covering your skin, like a good pair of pants.  Most competition paintball pants for sale are made with slick, very lightweight material that slides well on turf, but tears easily in the wild, won’t offer enough protection for your skin and joints against the rougher elements and doesn’t offer any camouflage benefits.  Many scenario woodsball games also last for hours and sometimes even days, so players often must carry lots of ammunition and surplus gear.  Tournament paintball pants are designed for shorter, faster paced, timed matches and have fewer pockets so they are lower profile and easier to move in that particular environment, however this leaves you no carrying space for tactical gear.  Competition clothing also has brighter, flashier colors so they stand out on the field, leaving you with a camouflage disadvantage when playing in the forest.  For the best advantage in a woodsball game, cheap priced bdu military fatigue cargo pants for sale in tiger, desert or woodland camo patterns are an excellent choice. 
Bdu and military fatigue camouflage cargo pants are best for tactical paintball in the woods because they are specifically designed for rough environments.  Army clothing bdu camo pants are made with super durable rip-stop fabric so they won’t tear when running through brush or crawling on the forest floor.  They also tend to be somewhat baggy, offering lots of room for big moves and extra material to reduce the sting from being hit by a paintball.  Good cheap priced military camouflage pants and authentic fatigues also come with large size cargo pockets so they’re great for carrying all the surplus gear needed for playing paintball in the woods, desert or an urban setting.  Blending into these environments is never easier when wearing the right camo pattern.  Camouflage bdu military cargo pants for paintball can be found for sale at military surplus stores or online in numerous camo patterns including tiger stripe, desert, forest woodland and urban designs.  Fortunately these patterns plus many more are easy to find for sale at cheap prices, making it possible to own several pair of different camouflage pants so you can match your camo outfit to your playing environments for the best invisibility.
While cheap priced camouflage bdu cargo pants bought for sale at military surplus stores work well for woodsball, camo paintball pants are the best choice.  It makes sense to wear authentic camouflage fatigues when participating in realistic army style missions, however no one knows the needs of a paintball athlete better than other players.  This is why it’s smart to buy camo pants best for woodsball from a paintball company that sells camouflage cargo pants made specifically for this game.  Camo paintball pants are available for sale in urban, tiger, desert and woodland forest patterns just like the cheaper priced military bdu fatigues but also include important extra features that make all the difference.  Paintball camouflage pants include both large and small pockets designed to hold lots of cargo, ammo and surplus supplies specific to paintball.  The best camouflage paintball pants feature loops to attach gear to and adjustable waistbands and ankle ties for a custom fit.  Camo woodsball pants have thick padding over the knees, hips and rear for extra protection over impact zones during hard play in whatever desert, urban or forest environment your scenario is in. 
For not only the most realistic, but high performance woodsball games, you must own a pair of camouflage paintball pants or bdu military fatigues that closely matches your environment and completes your tactical outfit.  The rough natural setting demands extra protection that only the best camo paintball cargo pants can offer.  Don’t risk getting hurt or distracting your game with cheap wholesale military camouflage fatigues you can find at the surplus store!  Buy your camo clothing army pants from our online tactical paintball supplies store and you won’t have to worry about seams tearing and not getting the protection you need.  All the camouflage pants and bdu apparel we have for sale are top quality, super durable and totally authentic looking.  We carry both bdu military fatigue pants and professional paintball cargo style camo pants in desert, urban, forest woodland and tiger stripe patterns.  We make it easy and cheap to get completely outfitted with the best selection of camouflage pants and army clothing for all types of desert, forest or urban environments.  All our products have high resolution photos and detailed descriptions so it’s easy to make the best decision.  We also offer a wide variety of prices including super cheap discounts for top quality camouflage pants and apparel.
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