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             .50 Caliber Paintball Guns

Eliminate the Sting of Getting Hit with Paintballs, while using Lighter, more Accurate and Affordable Paintball Guns, Buying the Best .50 Caliber Paintball Markers. We offer a Great Selection of New, Top Rated .50 Cal Paintball Rifles, and other .50 Caliber Paintball Guns, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Paintball is an amazing game that is a lot of fun when played for recreation. Paintball also provides law enforcement, and our military services with great training tools. Modern paintball guns are powerful enough for paintballs to fly on a relatively flat trajectory for long distance. Low powered paintball guns have an arched trajectory, which are not accurate. In order to prevent arched inaccurate paintball trajectories paintball guns, have to project the paintballs with enough velocity, around 300 FPS. The higher the velocity and the more the mass the paintball has the more impact it has when it hits. A recent poll was taken to determine what prevented more people from participating more regularly in paintball. The two main things found were cost, and getting hit with paintballs. Getting hit with a paintball, especially at close range, stings!  Getting shot with a standard .68 caliber paintball gun from less than 50 ft. will even leave a bruise when it hits the skin directly. .50 caliber paintball guns only generate five joules of force when fired at 300 fps. Compare that to the thirteen joules of force generated from a standard .68 caliber paintball marker at the same velocity. This means .50 caliber paintballs have 60% less impact than the 4x larger .68 caliber paintballs standard paintball markers use. This greatly reduces the pain of getting hit, and .50 cal paintball guns will not leave a bruise, even when at close range and hitting the skin directly. However, protective eye wear still must be worn when playing with the best .50 caliber paintball markers.  

The best .50 caliber paintball guns are also much more efficient. Top rated .50 cal paintball markers are four times more air efficient than standard paintball guns. New .50 caliber paintball guns yield an amazing 3500 shots per every 20 oz. CO2 tank compared to around 1500 from standard paintball markers. This prevents you from going through C02 nearly as quickly, saving you money, and time by dramatically reducing the amount of C02 you have to buy and use. Smaller top rated .50 caliber paintballs allow paintball players to carry more ammo. You can fit 350 .50 caliber paintballs into a 140-round pod!  .50 caliber paintballs are also lighter and take less storage space. A 2000 round boxes of .50 cal paintballs are roughly half the size of 2000 round .68 caliber boxes.  This also means they’re much cheaper to ship, which makes them cheaper than standard paintballs.  The best .50 caliber paintball guns typically outperform top rated standard paintball markers.  Being considerably smaller, .50 caliber paintballs tend to have less defects than standard paintballs, which makes their flight patterns more reliable. Top rated .50 caliber paintballs are also lighter so they travel somewhat farther than larger caliber paintballs, and on a flatter more accurate trajectory. The best new .50 caliber paintball guns are generally much smaller, and lighter themselves than standard paintball guns. Making new top rated .50 caliber paintball markers more affordable, accurate and easier to carry than traditional paintball rifles.

Here, we offer a great selection of the best .50 caliber paintball guns, from the industry's top rated manufacturers, at cheap, discount online sales prices. All of the new top rated and affordable .50 caliber paintball markers we have for sale are lightweight, accurate, easy to carry, and made to last. Whether you are seasoned pro, or just getting started, investing in the best .50 caliber paintball guns will save you money, allow for better mobility, better accuracy, prevent stinging and stop painful bruising. No matter what type of quality .50 caliber paintball gun you are looking for, we have the best .50 caliber paintball rifle or other .50 cal paintball marker for you. Being an online based .50 caliber paintball gun store we do not have the expensive operating costs of traditional paintball gun stores, and online mega sites. These savings allow us to offer the best lightweight, accurate and affordable .50 caliber paintball guns, from the industries top rated brands, at everyday cheap discount online sales. We also provide detailed product information about each of the new, top rated, and affordable high quality .50 cal paintball markers we have for sale in our online store. With our everyday cheap, discount online sales prices, and detailed product information, we make it easy and affordable for you to find, and buy the best new lightweight and accurate .50 caliber paintball guns for you. If you have any questions about .50 caliber paintball guns we have for sale in our online store, or need any help finding the best lightweight and accurate .50 cal paintball marker for you, give us a call, or send us an email and one of our .50 caliber paintball experts will be happy to help.

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