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Transform The Empire BT Paintball Gun Into A Custom Sub Machine Gun, Assault Rifle or Precision Sniper With The Right Accessories. Here We Offer Parts & Upgrades For BT Paintball Markers On Sale Cheap

As an owner of an Empire BT paintball marker, you will never get tired or your gun because there are so many accessories for this brand!  Whether you have a basic model BT-4 or the more advanced BT TM7, TM15 or Delta, there are plenty of upgrade parts and easy to install accessories that will fit your gun.  Most accessories for BT paintball guns will not only improve its performance but will also transform its appearance; here is a great selection…
3-9x40 Sniper Scope3-9x40 Sniper Scope
BT - A5 Low Profile Cyclone HopperBT - A5 Low Profile Cyclone Hopper
BT Paintball Gun Carbine ButtstockBT Paintball Gun Carbine Buttstock
BT Paintball Gun Krinkov Side Folding StockBT Paintball Gun Krinkov Side Folding Stock
BT Paintball Gun M4 Carry HandleBT Paintball Gun M4 Carry Handle
BT Paintball Gun RIS Tactical Handguard Barrel KitBT Paintball Gun RIS Tactical Handguard Barrel Kit
BT Paintball Gun Skeleton Butt StockBT Paintball Gun Skeleton Butt Stock
BT SMG Retractable ButtstockBT SMG Retractable Buttstock
BT Tacamo K416 Barrel KitBT Tacamo K416 Barrel Kit
BT Vertical GripBT Vertical Grip
BT Vertical RIS Folding GripBT Vertical RIS Folding Grip
BT-4 Paintball Gun Complete O-Ring KitBT-4 Paintball Gun Complete O-Ring Kit
Octagon 3-9x40 Mil Dot ScopeOctagon 3-9x40 Mil Dot Scope
Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Long)Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Long)
Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)
Paintball Gun M203 Military Grenade LauncherPaintball Gun M203 Military Grenade Launcher
Remote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock KitRemote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock Kit
Tippman Cyclone Low Profile Paintball HopperTippman Cyclone Low Profile Paintball Hopper
Tippman Cyclone Low Profile Paintball Hopper - 10 PackTippman Cyclone Low Profile Paintball Hopper - 10 Pack

When shopping for upgrades for your BT paintball marker, it will surprise you how many parts exist for these guns.  While there are many upgrades made specifically for Empire BT guns, this brand is also compatible with parts for the Tippmann 98 Custom.  Any barrel or butt stock that will fit the Tippmann 98, will also fit on any BT paintball gun; this allows for an incredible number of parts to choose from!
All Empire BT paintball markers either feature standard weaver rails or are readily compatible with them, making any accessory for real firearms also compatible with these guns.  Adding parts from real weapons like grips, scopes, flashlights or lasers is great for helping transform your marker into a paintball gun that looks like a realistic tactical assault rifle, sub machine gun or military replica precision sniper.
Most upgrade parts for BT paintball guns will not only improve your marker’s performance but will also help transform its appearance.  Adding a lengthier or rifled barrel is the best way to increase the distance of your shot.  Sniper scopes, red dot sights and lasers are easy to attach ways of significantly improving your precision.  The right hand guard or stock will not only give your Empire BT marker an identity but are great for adding stability for better aiming and accuracy.
Transform your Empire BT paintball gun to better accommodate your position on the field by adding the right upgrade parts and accessories.  As a front man or tactical scout, choose accessories that will keep your BT marker lightweight and compact for close fighting and fast action.  As a back player, choose parts for your BT marker that will improve long range distance shooting, with less regard for weight. 
Build your own creation on a basic BT-4 or further customize the awesome BT Delta; personalizing and upgrading your paintball gear is totally fun!  With so much to choose from, the sky’s the limit!  When you buy your accessories from Choicepaintballguns, you will be delighted at how cheap and easy it is to upgrade your BT marker.  Shop with us for all your paintball supplies as we have constant sales and are always on the hunt for new interesting products.
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