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Travel To The Jungles of Viet Nam In Your Next Scenario Game With a Lightweight M16 Replica Paintball Gun. We Offer the Most Realistic Aluminum Military Style M16 Tactical Markers For Sale at Discount Prices

In scenario paintball, you might get some style points for showing up with an extremely realistic looking paintball gun, but you won’t get very far it doesn’t perform.  If your military replica marker is inaccurate or too heavy to carry, you won’t be an effective force on the field no matter what it looks like.  A lightweight M16 style paintball gun is not only authentic but one of the best tools for taking your team to victory.  Built with an aluminum receiver, the best M16 paintball guns are near military grade and super reliable for both woodsball and combat simulation training.  Rule the scenario with an incredibly realistic M16 replica paintball gun from the best selection of top rated brands for sale here…

When you step onto the field with a realistic military M16 paintball gun, you’ll command respect with not only style points but also for bringing a piece of history in the game.  M16 firearms were first introduced in 1963 for warfare in the jungles of Viet Nam.  After several revisions over the years, this gun is still the standard issue for the US Marine Corps and was used in Iraq after 2004.  Just like the military grade originals, the M16 paintball gun has a virtually indestructible, lightweight aluminum receiver so it not only looks authentic but has similar combat durability to the real thing.  Because of its uncanny resemblance and similarity in performance, M16 replica paintball guns for sale are not only great for scenario woodsball but also one of the best tools for realistic but completely safe combat training used by military and law enforcement.
One of the best things about commanding an M16 style paintball gun in a woodsball game is how much more realistic your scenario becomes.  M16 tactical paintball guns with lightweight aluminum parts are as close to carrying a real firearm as possible.  Take a tiny vacation when you shoot the best M16 paintball gun with near military grade parts as these markers make it easy to get totally immersed in your scenario mission.  Prepare yourself for the most realistic training simulations ever when you wield paintball guns that look almost identical to the M16’s used in Viet Nam and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  M16 paintball guns are available for sale with either the tapered hand guard resembling the styles used in Viet Nam or the straight hand guards of the later models.  Choose the M16 with the look to help you sink the deepest into your particular position and favorite storyline you like to play.
Besides an amazing realistic look, M16 paintball guns also make the grade in the performance realm as well.  These replica tactical markers have lengthy hand guards and barrels to match so long range accuracy is built into their lightweight, aluminum frames.  For the best precision, choose an M16 paintball gun with a rifled barrel and full stock.  Most M16 paintball markers for sale also feature military grade specs so they’re compatible with anything that will fit on a picatinny rail.  This makes it easy and fun to juice up your M16 with optics, grips, lights or anything else you can think of to further improve your paintball gun’s look and performance.  For the most realistic military style M16 replica possible, choose one that’s fed by functional magazines instead of the traditional hopper. 
Take your scenario paintball game to the next level with an authentic M16 replica paintball gun.  When you carry a lightweight M16 tactical marker with aluminum body, you will move faster, shoot straighter and rack up eliminations like never before.  While M16 paintball guns are offered for sale by numerous top name brands, take your time shopping our huge selection to pick the best, most realistic marker for you.  When you buy your M16 from our online store, you can count on not only the cheapest price possible, but excellent customer service and fast shipping as well.  Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about which paintball gun is best for you and we will be glad to help.

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