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Preserve the Life of Your Paintball Gun During Travel and Storage with a Good Padded Protective Bag or Hard Marker Case. We Have the Best Paintball Gun Bags Including Both Soft Padded Bags & Hard Cases Made of Metal or Plastic For Any Size Paintball Marker on Sale for Cheap, Discount Prices.

Barska Optics Loaded Gear Tactical Rifle BagBarska Optics Loaded Gear Tactical Rifle Bag
Defcon Gear Mini Range Pistol Bag (RPB) in BlackDefcon Gear Mini Range Pistol Bag (RPB) in Black
Discreet Padded Paintball Pistol CaseDiscreet Padded Paintball Pistol Case
Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 34"Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 34"
Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 41"Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 41"
Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 47"Echo1 Gun Bag / Case - 47"
Echo1 Polypropylene Pistol Case in BlackEcho1 Polypropylene Pistol Case in Black
Exalt Marker BagExalt Marker Bag
Field One Paintball Marker Bag - ExtendedField One Paintball Marker Bag - Extended
HK Army Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - GoldHK Army Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - Gold
HK Army Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - WhiteHK Army Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - White
HK Army XL Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - GoldHK Army XL Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - Gold
HK Army XL Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - WhiteHK Army XL Exo Carbon Paintball Gun Case - White
Paintball Gun 38 Inch Padded BagPaintball Gun 38 Inch Padded Bag
Plano Deluxe Single Rifle CasePlano Deluxe Single Rifle Case
Push Division 01 Gun Bag - BlackPush Division 01 Gun Bag - Black
Rothco Thin Blue Line Concealed Carry BagRothco Thin Blue Line Concealed Carry Bag
Valken Tactical Pistol CaseValken Tactical Pistol Case
Warrior Paintball Gun Bag - BlackWarrior Paintball Gun Bag - Black

Most good paintball guns are made to be super durable for rough play on the field. However off the field you are wise to baby your marker during transport and storage so it will last the longest. Damage to your gun from being dropped on the way to the field will cost you money for repairs and replacement. Without hiding it in a bag or hard covered case, owners of realistic tactical markers are in danger of their guns being confiscated by authorities if carried out in the open. Paintball guns also incur damage and increased wear and tear from being stored improperly when not being used. When crammed in the corner of a packed closet, pieces can get broken off and dust will settle in the barrel and inside the gun causing maintenance issues. The answer is to use a good sturdy padded bag or hard case to keep your paintball gun protected at all times during transport and storage. Paintball marker bags and cases are the best way to keep your gun in pristine shape for as long as possible and make it much easier to carry and transport to the field without risk of damage or scaring the general public.
When shopping for the best bag for your paintball gun, choose the most protective case that will best fit the size and shape of the type of marker you have over just a cheap price. While there are many paintball gun bags to choose from, the first thing to look for is the correct size. Some hard shell cases are very long and designed to lay your entire paintball gun into it, while other padded marker bags are shorter meant for smaller sized weapons or designed for paintball guns without the barrel attached. For top protection, look for a marker bag or gun case with padding inside. Most hard marker cases are the same as what’s used for real firearms; lined with egg crate foam on top and bottom for a secure fit when closed. The best paintball gun bags not only include padding inside to keep your marker from getting scratched but also contain velcro straps to secure your gun so it doesn’t move around when transporting. Some paintball gun bags and hard cases also have extra compartments to carry extra parts or other important pieces of gear. Another good feature to look for in the best marker bags and cases is a lock. Some bags come with an ability to add a small pad lock so you cannot open the case without a key; this is smart if you take your expensive marker to a crowded field or tournament to prevent chances of theft.
Compared to how much your paintball gun costs, a top quality marker bag is extremely affordable, especially when you buy it from our online store! At, we have a large selection of the best paintball gun cases and marker bags for sale at the cheapest prices possible. Whether you own a competition marker or a realistic tactical paintball gun, we offer the best, most protective bags and cases both made specifically for paintball and also top quality hard plastic and even metal cases designed for real firearms. We have paintball gun bags for any size marker, including pistols and even lengthy sniper rifles in stock and ready to ship at all times. Our website makes it easy to get the best paintball gun bag or hard marker case without even leaving your living room. All our products have high resolution graphics and detailed descriptions so you can make the best decision for the right paintball gun bag or case for you delivered right to your door. We also have top rated customer service and are available by phone or email should you have any questions about which paintball gun bag or hard case might work best for your situation or particular marker.

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