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With The Right Cleaning Supplies, Tools & Accessory Parts, You Will Rule The Field With A Top Performing Paintball Sidearm That’s Highly Reliable. Here We Offer Tool Kits, Parts Packages & Maintenance Equipment For Tactical Paintball Pistols On Sale For Cheap Prices

As a back up weapon, the last thing you want is to have a maintenance issue with your paintball pistol in the heat of a close quarter battle. This is why keeping your paintball sidearm clean and regularly maintained is as important as doing so with your primary marker. Being prepared with extra parts, o-rings and maintenance supplies for your tactical pistol will prevent you from a breakdown nightmare in the middle of a crucial game event. Here is a great selection of cleaning accessories, tools, parts kits and other supplies you will need to keep your tactical paintball pistol reliable and performing at its best…
Ergonomic Pistol GripErgonomic Pistol Grip
T68 Gen 3 Pistol Rebuild KitT68 Gen 3 Pistol Rebuild Kit
T68 Paintball Pistol Remote AdapterT68 Paintball Pistol Remote Adapter
T68 Pistol Hopper AdapterT68 Pistol Hopper Adapter
TPX Pistol Universal Parts KitTPX Pistol Universal Parts Kit

Whether your pistol is your primary weapon or a back up gun needed in case your main paintball rifle fails, it’s imperative to establish proper maintenance and cleaning procedures so it functions at its best.  Fortunately taking care of a tactical paintball pistol is somewhat easier than a large paintball sniper rifle however you will still need a few tools and supplies.  Paintball pistols have shorter barrels that are easier to clean.  They also have less velocity than a rifle or standard competition marker so tend to have fewer problems with broken balls.  .43 caliber paintball pistols also use smaller, more consistent paintballs that are a bit less fragile than .68 cal balls, contributing to less mess and less to clean.
The most common problem encountered with realistic tactical paintball pistols is an air leak.  If your pistol marker springs a leak, it will make an embarrassing hissing noise and may start to lose power or stop working altogether.  Don’t let this potential problem ruin your game!  Most of the time when a paintball pistol springs an air leak it’s because of a busted o-ring.  Carrying extra pistol o-rings and parts are the only way to quick field strip and fix the problem without having to turn in your pads for the day.  Prepare yourself to counteract this problem by keeping extra o-rings and necessary tools handy in your pockets for an immediate response to this upsetting, but easy to remedy scenario.
Taking care of your paintball pistol when not in play is a big part of assuming responsibility for your gun’s ownership that will reap benefits for a long time.  Besides cleaning your tactical pistol’s barrel between rounds during a day of combat, give it a thorough maintenance tune-up at least monthly during your most active season.  This consists of disassembling the marker, checking the integrity of all o-rings (and replacing them if needed), cleaning any bits of paint or paintball shells from the gun’s internals and oiling all moving parts.  While this procedures takes few parts or tools (if any, depending on the pistol), it only takes about 15 minutes and will guarantee a longer life for your marker.
Once you’ve taken apart and cleaned/oiled your paintball pistol a few times, you will play harder with more confidence.  Regularly performed maintenance procedures will give you a familiarity with your paintball handgun that will allow you to diagnose and fix most issues on the fly.  Carrying extra parts, o-rings and cleaning supplies with you to every game will keep you prepared in the event of a breakdown and prevent being sidelined from the action.  Buy extra parts, tool kits and maintenance supplies from our online store for cheap prices.  At Choicepaintballguns, we have a large selection of accessory equipment for nearly every brand name pistol and paintball rifle on sale for discount prices.  If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or have questions regarding any of our products, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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