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You Will Have a Hard Time Keeping Your Business Open if You Start Your Paintball Field w/Cheap Quality Supplies. We Offer The Best Equipment Packages & Brand Name Supplies For Fields, Stores & Teams at Cheap, Discount Prices & Affordable Volume Purchases.

When opening up a paintball field, creating an environment where people can have the most fun so they will want to come back is crucial.  Besides good service and affordable rates, this is heavily dependent on the quality of the paintball field equipment you buy.  When setting up your business, the initial supplies list is one of the most important documents you will develop.  It will be the quote you use to get equipped with everything you need; it will also be the largest part of the bank loan you apply for to open your business.  While it may be tempting to purchase cheap priced paintball field equipment to keep your initial costs/payments as low as possible, it’s important to make sure the supplies you buy are good quality that will last.  Lower quality paintball field equipment may save you a few dollars up front but you will ultimately have to pay again for replacements and run the risk of your patrons not having the best time at your facility.  Paintball field supplies that fall apart or break down easily will lead to more money and frustrated players who may not want to come back. 
Besides rental equipment, there are certain supplies you will need to help organize your business so it can operate.  When setting up your paintball field, it’s important you think of everything you will need to get started so you can include it with your initial equipment quote.  This includes all supplies from furniture in the business office to signs showing players where to refill their air tanks and put their goggles on.  When developing your initial equipment list, study both the square footage of your building and the layout of your field.  The boundaries of your paintball field must also be taken into account to determine what type and how many barriers you will need to enclose the space.  Fields that offer both speedball and scenario paintball will attract the most players, however this requires more equipment.  Scenario fields can include elaborate structures to hide behind but make the most of rough ground.  Speedball fields can be easy to set up quickly however require an enclosed even field, however can also be set up indoors.  Decide on what type of games you want to offer, plan their location/set up and purchase supplies accordingly. 
Whether you offer competition speedball or realistic scenario games at your field, choose rental equipment that will last the longest and offer the most fun for your patrons.  When shopping for the best rental equipment for your paintball field, don’t just settle on the first supplies you find with the cheapest price.  Besides a cool layout, the quality of the rental equipment you offer will also play a big factor in leaving players with a lasting impression of your business.  The rental gear you choose should be cool looking, fun to play with and extremely reliable.  As rental supplies are never actually owned by the user, they tend to get used and abused harder than equipment that’s personally owned.  This means paintball field rental equipment must be sturdy enough to withstand serious repetitive wear and tear by numerous customers.  Cheap quality supplies that spend more time in maintenance than on the field will cause players to speak poorly of your establishment making it more difficult to attract new business. 
With your reputation in your community at stake, it’s important you take your paintball field supplies list and initial quote seriously.  To ensure you get top quality equipment, it’s smart to spend some time researching the most popular brands to determine the best warranties and service contracts on everything you buy.  Only request quotes from stores that have been in business for a while and have solid reputations, like us.  At our online store, we have helped many paintball fields get started and know exactly what to offer and how to help.  Putting together your initial equipment quote is easy at our store as we are a one stop shop, carrying all the top name brands and offering every item you will need to get started.  Besides getting the most reliable supplies possible, you will also get the cheapest price as we know how important it will be to keep initial costs down.  Our website is easy to use and we have tons of great information to help you make the best decision about what to get.  If you’re starting up a paintball field and want to be successful right from the beginning, contact us for a quote and we will be glad to help.

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