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Play as Hard as You Want While Preventing Injuries To Your Knees w/ a Good Pair of Paintball Protective Knee Pads. We Offer The Best Tactical Paintball Knee Pads, Shin Guards & Body Armor For the Lower Legs on Sale for Cheap Prices.

The most fun way to play paintball is with reckless abandon!  Players who ‘let it all hang out’ by performing crazy maneuvers with everything they’ve got definitely get more out of the game.  This often requires getting in nearly every position possible when taking cover and for the best shooting advantages.  Invariably, playing with intensity often includes crawling on hands, knees and belly, knee sliding and diving behind anything you can find.  Without padding for extra safety, most people will avoid many of the more dangerous (and painful) maneuvers for fear of getting hurt, and thus hold back from ever realizing their full potential on the tactical battlefield.  While a full suit of protective padding is not necessary, covering your knees with a good pair of knee pads is the best place to start.  Paintball knee pads are chosen by most players as their first and most important piece of safety gear armor. 
The best professional paintball pants with extra padding over the knees will only help soften the blow; you will still feel every uneven surface you kneel on with this apparel if this is all you use.  Only a pair of good padded knee pads can completely block the hard surfaces you will encounter in the natural environment of tactical woodsball and the intensity of tournament play.  Without paintball knee pads, abrasions and contusions are common from even moderate play.  This protective gear makes playing hard much more comfortable and is available in different styles for both types of paintball games.  For scenario play, paintball knee pads come in camouflage patterns and military colors; for team competition speedball, these pads are offered in flashy colors and lightweight designs for the best performance.  A good pair of paintball knee pads not only offers great protection, but can also add a finished professional look to your uniform.  Fortunately knee pads will be one of the cheaper parts of your safety gear outfit; this type of armor is very affordable.
When shopping for paintball knee pads, choose a pair that will offer the best protection and match to your tactical or competition outfit.  Knee pads should not be too tight so they’re uncomfortable however they must be secure enough to stay put through lots of running and bending.  The best knee pads for paintball have adjustable velcro straps above and below the joint and can be worn either on top of pants or directly over the skin.  Some padding for the knees also include extra protection covering the shins for a complete coverage of the entire lower leg.  These types of pads are mostly seen for competition speedball however often fit well underneath baggy fatigues for tactical woodsball play.  Longer knee pads that cover the shins should be made with breathable materials so you don’t get too hot.  Considering how active paintball is, it’s also smart to choose knee pads that will offer good support for the joint to protect against sprains and injuries. 
Whether you play in top level competitions or tactical woodsball, a good pair of paintball knee pads are terrific for adding extra support for your joints for quick turns and fast lateral movements.  With the right knee pads, you will have new confidence crawling, diving and playing with reckless abandon knowing your knees will not get scraped or bruised no matter how hard you go.  Protective pads for your knees will also give your uniform a complete look and may even intimidate your opponents when they see how prepared you are to play tough.  Check out the best selection of professional level paintball knee pads for sale at discount prices in our online store.  We carry the latest inventory from all the top name brands and sell them for the cheapest prices you will find.  We also have excellent customer service and make it a point to provide the best shopping experience possible.  Contact us by phone or email and we are glad to answer questions about sizing or availability of any of our paintball knee pads.

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