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Kingman Spyder Tactical Paintball Markers Are Realistic, Sturdy & Cheap. Here We Offer Kingman Spyder Military Style Paintball Guns On Sale For The Best Prices You Will Find

Kingman Spyder has been a trusted name in the paintball business since 1994.  This company produces consistent, reliable paintball guns and gear for extremely cheap prices.  Spyder’s tactical line of paintball markers are great for both beginner and advanced players; they also make excellent bases for realistic custom military replica guns with the right accessories.  Here is a great selection of Kingman Spyder’s best tactical paintball markers
Spyder FenixSpyder Fenix
Spyder Victor Rental Package (Qty. 10)Spyder Victor Rental Package (Qty. 10)
Spyder Victor Semi-AutomaticSpyder Victor Semi-Automatic
Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro PackSpyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack
Spyder Xtra Semi-AutomaticSpyder Xtra Semi-Automatic

Kingman Spyder tactical paintball markers offer several models to choose from in both .68 and .50 caliber formats.  All of their guns are easy to use, maintain and super reliable making for excellent first time user paintball equipment.  Most Spyder tactical markers come in basic models that make a fantastic base for a custom military replica rifle.  Other Spyder gun styles come built already resembling carbine type machine guns.
Kingman Spyder tactical paintball guns don’t just have a realistic military appearance, they perform well under pressure too.  These guns are some of the most lightweight and easy to wield in the game; none of them are lengthy or cumbersome with the longest equaling a medium sized assault rifle.  All the Spyder tactical markers come semi-automatic.
Kingman tactical paintball guns are extremely upgradeable; all including at least one (if not several) picatinny/weaver style rails.  This makes them compatible with many different styles and brands of tactical accessories, like carry handles, different grips and optics.  There are also many upgrade parts kits available for Spyder tactical paintball guns as well as cheap deals on tons of military gun accessories.
Spyder tactical markers are mostly fed their paintballs by hopper, however their latest models of guns are also magazine fed as well.  Kingman Spyder magazine fed paintball guns offer extreme realism in both appearance and function.  These guns use ten round removable magazines that are also cheap, lightweight and easy to carry.
You will also love how efficient Kingman tactical markers are on air!  Showcasing a new technology called the EKO Valve System; these guns will get an amazing 1600 shots form a standard 20oz. CO2 tank!  Spyder tactical paintball guns with this technology can be played longer and save you money with less tank refills.
Surprisingly, all of Kingman Spyder tactical markers are very cheaply priced.  However they are extremely sturdy, well-built and reliable, with very few problems or break downs.  Despite this, Kingman Spyder offers one of the best one year warranties on all their tactical markers; they are a trusted company with great service that has been around paintball since nearly the beginning of the game.    
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kingman Spyder tactical paintball markers.  We have been a dealer with them since we started our store and can vouch for their products whole-heartedly.  We also carry a full line of realistic military accessories and parts for these guns also for sale for cheap prices.  Buy your Kingman tactical paintball gun from our store and you will get a quality product we will stand behind.
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