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Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack

Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack

Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack
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When you start playing paintball, you won’t need the fastest paintball gun or the most expensive mask. It doesn’t make sense to break your bank on top level equipment if you don’t even know whether you will continue to play. Start off with a basic model paintball gun and inexpensive supplies so at least you didn’t waste a lot of money if the game turns out to be too intense for you. Just make sure the equipment you buy is top quality, sturdy and reliable.
The Kingman Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack is an excellent beginner’s package of paintball equipment. This package includes a sturdy, reliable .68 caliber paintball marker, mask, 200 round hopper and 9oz. CO2 air tank. If you're unsure of exactly what supplies you’ll need to play paintball, this package will cover all the bases – with quality gear that will last.
The Kingman Spyder Xtra paintball gun is a beginner’s marker, but has features that allow it to be used in high level competition! The Spyder Xtra has an all new clamp style feed neck and reduced overall profile; this marker is 15% lighter and 10% shorter than previous models. With an aluminum construction and hard, anodized matte finish, the Xtra is plenty durable and extremely sturdy even with rough use.
Easy to use and even simpler to clean and maintain, advanced players are also impressed with the performance of the Spyder Xtra. The Xtra features a foregrip expansion chamber that regulates air temp consistencies offering smooth, uninterrupted shooting. Fast firing is easy with a two-finger trigger and no-slip rubber grip panel on the grip. The Kingman Spyder Xtra operates on either CO2 or compressed air.
The Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack also contains a pair of VType Goggles, an excellent quality paintball mask. VType Goggles include a single pane lens treated with anti-fog coating and offer a terrific 190 degree uninterrupted field of view. They also feature dual density foam for extra comfort and plenty of ventilation so you won’t overheat. The VType goggles are excellent beginner level paintball masks; they are easy to put on and take off, comfortable to wear and offer great protection.
The Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack is a complete package with a 200 round hopper and 9oz. CO2 tank. The best thing about this quality paintball equipment package is the price; especially when you buy it from Choicepaintballguns. We make a priority of selling great beginner equipment for discount prices so it won’t cost a lot to try paintball for the first time. We also have a 100% secure checkout, process orders immediately and have outstanding service. We are always available to answer questions by phone or email.
This package comes with:
- 2012 Kingman Spyder Xtra Semi-Auto Paintball Gun
- 9 Oz CO2 Tank
- Gen X Global X-VSN Paintball Mask - Black
- Gen X Global Standard 200 Rnd Hopper - Black
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Good for my team?This gun got great reviews everywhere. We will get several of this kit for our team. The Xtra is light, accurate but pretty loud; good power too. Written by Adam on Tue 3 Jul 2012 11:24:33 PM GMT
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