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Starting Tournament Paintball With A Reliable Tippmann Marker Is The Best Way to Learn. Here Are Tippmann Competition Paintball Guns For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices

Competition paintball is also called speedball – and for a good reason; these matches are timed often not lasting longer than 15 minutes.  The fast action of tournament paintball leaves no room for mistakes or equipment malfunction; if your marker breaks down in the middle of a match, there is no time for recovery.  To excel in speedball, you need a paintball gun that’s not only lightweight, accurate and ultra fast, but reliable as well.  Having proven themselves in the world of scenario paintball, Tippmann now offers competition markers with the same reliable durability seen in their tactical line of guns.  Tippmann competition markers are designed for the beginner and intermediate level player in both price and performance.  With two different models in their line up, these guns are a terrific way to get started in paintball and then progress to another skill level with the next model.  Tippmann tournament style paintball guns are well balanced, easy to wield and have plenty of power for longer range shooting.  They are excellent for learning all the positions on the paintball field and can be used in either scenario woodsball or competition speedball, however they are better equipped for speedball. 
For the low cost of these guns, you will marvel at how accurate they are!  Tippmann paintball tournament style markers sport high performance ported barrels that make it easy to be precise even if you’ve never shot a gun before or completely new to paintball.  The marksmanship built into Tippmann guns is an excellent tool for developing your sharp shooting skills quickly.  Use a beginner model Tippmann competition marker as your first gun and you skills will rapidly improve faster than other guns will allow.  They’re also great for learning how to move on the field with.  Tippmann competition markers have internal gas lines, meaning there is no bulky, stainless steel air hose in the way, freeing up the gun for best maneuverability.  These guns are also a dream to clean and require no tools to access their internals for maintenance.
Intermediate level Tippmann tournament guns rival all similar models from other top brand names, however definitely beat them on price!  Your Tippmann will parallel the performance of the most expensive, high tech markers in the game but you will pay a fraction of the cost.  An electronic trigger with multiple tournament settings (including full auto), break beam anti-chop eyes and low pressure operation under 300psi put Tippmann electropneumatic competition paintball guns at the top of the advanced technology list.  These markers are also very versatile as well, compatible with either CO2, compressed air or even N2.  Their barrel threads are compatible with Tippmann A5 or X7 markers, allowing for nearly an endless supply of barrel upgrades and accessories.
If you’re just starting paintball, a Tippmann competition marker doesn’t disappoint as a first gun.  With their basic tournament model being awesome for learning the ropes of paintball without spending an arm and a leg, this paintball gun is one of the cheapest priced in the game.  When your skills have progressed, Tippmann’s intermediate level model tournament marker includes all the best technological features to keep you competitive with guns in the $1000+ range yet for not even half this cost.  Going with a Tippmann not only ensures performance and reliability but also the confidence of knowing you’re backed by a company who’s been producing quality paintball supplies for more than 25 years; Tippmann competition paintball markers come with a 2 year warranty.  When you buy them from Choicepaintballguns, you can have a Tippmann tournament paintball gun in your hands quickly and easily.  Our online store stands ready to ship these quality markers with a checkout that’s 100% secure and customer service eager to help.

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