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Perform Better When You Match The Best Hopper For The Size of Your Marker & Position You Play on The Field. We Offer a Wide Range of New Paintball Gun Loaders From Small Size Basic Models to The Largest Capacity Hoppers w/Fast Reload Tops For Sale at Discount Prices

For beginners, most starter paintball guns come with simple containers that feed ammo into the marker called a hopper.  However these stock loaders can put you at a distinct disadvantage when going against players using faster, higher performance models.  To keep up with the game, buying a new hopper that feeds your paintball gun quicker or is easier to reload will make you much more competitive.  Paintball hoppers come in various sizes, shapes and performance levels; whenever possible, it’s best to choose the largest container with the smallest profile.  However when shopping, don’t just buy the first cheap loader you can find.  Look for hoppers with wide mouths that are easy to reload fast.  In heated action games, you can empty a 200 round hopper very quickly.  It’s important you choose a new loader with a large enough opening on top so it only takes seconds to reload in the middle of a firefight
The sizes of paintball hoppers can also dictate how you play and the speed of your game.  The largest hoppers can carry up to 400 rounds, doubling what most average size loaders hold.  Besides enjoying more continuous play because of having to reload less often, large hoppers have their downfall.  When full, they can add significant weight to your gun making it slower and more difficult to wield.  Large loaders attached to the top of a marker can sometimes change the balance of your gun and make it more challenging to shoot accurately.  Carrying a bigger ammo stash also means taking longer to reload as well as giving your gun a larger profile, both making you an easier target for your opponents.  Smaller paintball hoppers are lighter and offer better agility but have a lesser carrying capacity.  With the smallest, cheapest paintball gun loaders carrying as few as 25 rounds for traditional markers and 9 for pistols, you must be extremely accurate with each shot so you don’t waste any ammo. 
For the best performance, try and match the paintball hopper with your type of marker and position you play on the field.  If you want to play the front lines, choose a small capacity loader with extremely fast reload for the lightest, easiest to wield action.  If you have a larger, heavier paintball gun as a back player, bigger bulkier hoppers will not throw off its balance.  Back field players with large capacity loaders are great for providing uninterrupted cover fire for front players to keep moving forward.  Besides matching your hopper’s size with your needs on the field, it’s also important to make sure the loader you buy is compatible with the opening on the paintball gun you own.  Most come in a standard size however few have a wide mouth for faster feeding and will not fit the standard size.  Some paintball hoppers also come in different colors and camouflage patterns to help match your competition gear or tactical outfit.
For the cheapest and easiest way to upgrade your paintball marker, the right loader will do wonders.  Whether you’re just looking for the bare minimum basic model feed system or a speed upgrade from a high performance model, choosing the best hopper for your paintball gun is an important decision that will greatly impact your game.  While you won’t find the top performing loaders for the bargain basement discounts, the technology and improved performance of the new fast reload hoppers are worth the extra cost.  Shopping at the right store will help you get the best hopper for the cheapest price.  At, we have a huge selection of all different sizes, shapes, speeds and colors for plenty of options to match your gear and style of play.  We also have some of the lowest prices for newest, just released hoppers you will find.  Shop with us and you will be impressed with our attention to detail in customer service, secure shopping and prompt shipping.

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