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Only Good Players With The Fastest & Lightest Tournament Grade Paintball Guns Win Top Competitions. We Offer The Best Tournament Paintball Markers For Sale At Cheap Discount Prices

When you’re ready to start competing in paintball, the average cheap priced paintball gun lacks the performance you need to place in even beginner tournaments.  The timed matches of high stakes competition paintball demand quick decisions and even faster movement; you will need a good paintball marker that’s precise and lightening fast.  If your gun is too big, cumbersome or slow, you will be quickly outgunned by players with faster, more powerful paintball markers designed specifically for tournament play.  To compete at a top level, your paintball gun must be compact, ultra lightweight, reliable under pressure and extremely sturdy.  Here is a great selection of all the best brand name tournament grade paintball markers designed for all levels of competition for sale at discount prices…

Often made of aluminum or other lightweight alloys, the best tournament grade paintball guns for sale aren’t cheap but are amazingly easy to wield and extremely sturdy.  For the best performance, choose a tournament style marker that’s not only reliable but also well balanced; it should feel totally comfortable in your hands with equal weight on both ends.  When shopping, remember to factor in the weight of a fully loaded tournament style hopper when considering its balance as well.  The best competition paintball guns are also incredibly fast.  In order to keep up with the extreme speed of a good top 10 tournament grade marker, a battery-powered loader that feeds balls very fast is a must.  The best tournament paintball guns feature circuit boards that are programmable to match the same speed as your loader.
The best competition paintball guns for sale (with all the top technology) must use high pressure air as their power source.  While cheaper markers can use CO2, good tournament grade paintball guns have fairly delicate internal parts that can be damaged by the broad temperature differences of this gas.  If you’re willing to commit to paying the high prices of these professional level tournament markers, you will definitely want it to perform at its best.  While hpa tanks are considerably more expensive than cheaper CO2; the constant temperature air of these tanks allows for consistent pressure, faster responses and much higher performance for a top rated tournament marker.  The consistent air pressure also helps contribute to the extremely fast shooting and amazing precision the best tournament paintball guns are capable of. 
Most of the best tournament grade paintball markers for sale come with multiple trigger options so you can customize your gun for the competition you’re in.  For the most versatile use, choose a tournament paintball gun with a good trigger that allows a number of speeds for use in different competitions, as different sanctions require markers to shoot certain speeds.  If your paintball gun doesn’t have this feature (as most cheap, standard markers do not), one of the first upgrades you should make is a tournament style e-trigger with competition settings and full auto firing.  This feature is not expensive to upgrade to but can make a huge difference in professional tournament style play – especially if you’re the only player without it.  Top rated tournament paintball guns that can shoot constant streams of paintballs make it much easier to hit moving targets faster and more accurately for the best tactical advantage.    
For the most reliable tournament performance, choosing a lightweight competition paintball gun with a solid brand name is good idea.  High intensity competition with bragging rights and sponsorships on the line demand the fastest, most aggressive action.  If you play as hard as it takes to win, your tournament marker can take a beating; sometimes to the point of malfunction.  Even the best, most reliable competition grade paintball guns have their breaking point, no matter how cheap or expensive they are or how good their performance is.  Make sure the paintball gun you want has a good warranty so you’re covered in case anything happens to it.  Top brand name tournament markers for sale also generally have the most upgrades and accessories available to them.  Before spending years of your allowance on an expensive, professional competition paintball gun, it’s wise to research the company first to check on reputation and how good the service is. 
In most cases, price range is a good indicator for help in matching the best tournament grade paintball marker for your experience level.  In general, higher priced paintball guns have more high tech parts, are made with more expensive materials and are mostly used by players with more experience.  While most of the top priced tournament guns for sale are super lightweight, faster, more powerful and definitely offer a performance edge, they can be sensitive and fickle, often requiring regular maintenance.  If you’re new to the sport, it’s best to choose a cheaper priced, basic model so your paintball gun is easy to operate while learning the ropes of the game.  It’s important to know how to use and properly care for a competition paintball marker to get the most out of it and have it last the longest – especially if you’ve paid a small fortune for it.  Starting with a cheap priced basic model tournament paintball gun is a good idea to not only get used to the speed of the game but also to establish a maintenance regimen that will be useful when you upgrade to a more expensive, more advanced marker.
Become a legend in competition speedball by using a lightweight, professional tournament grade paintball gun.  It’s ok to start off with a cheap, basic model until your skills are good enough to warrant a more expensive marker upgrade.  No matter how long you’ve been playing, you will need a tournament paintball gun that’s fast, powerful and accurate you can rely on.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we carry an excellent selection of the best tournament paintball guns for all experience levels and all types of competitions.  Ranging from the more expensive, super hi-tech to cheap priced starter guns, we only feature the best, most reliable markers from top companies that offer great service and solid warranties.  Let us help you win the tournament by arming you with the absolute best paintball markers – always on sale at our store.  We also have terrific customer service and affordable shipping options to make your shopping experience super easy, cheap and convenient.

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