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Become An Invisible Tactical Paintball Ninja Wearing an Awesome Outfit of Military Camouflage Clothing. We Offer the Best Selection of Lower Priced Army Surplus Fatigues & Apparel w/Urban, Jungle & Desert Camo Patterns For Cheap, Near Wholesale Online Sales Prices

With the many natural obstacles to hide behind in woodsball, you will still stick out like a sore thumb if you wear white clothing or a bright orange vest.  If you wear clothing that’s the same color as your playing environment, you will blend into the background and become invisible, making it very difficult for your opponent to see you.  If your enemy can’t see you, he can’t shoot you!  Camouflage clothing with the right patterns will give you enormous advantages on the tactical battlefield.  Besides their concealment benefits, camo apparel will also add new realism to any military style play.  Most surplus army fatigues are baggy with thick, durable material, offering extra protection against high velocity paintballs.  Camouflage outfits for sale are not only cheap but super easy to find.  While low prices can often be found in military surplus stores, you can get prices near wholesale and a better selection including urban camo by doing your shopping online. 
Teams do best in military scenario paintball by using tactical strategies during a woodsball game.  These strategies can be greatly supplemented with your individual outfit by wearing good camouflage clothing.  To make the most of your army apparel, try to match the camo pattern with the environment you’ll be playing in.  For example, if you’re playing in a dry sandy area, desert camouflage works best; if you’re in an industrial setting with lots of buildings, urban camo is great.  In natural settings, you can also improve your camouflage outfit very cheaply by attaching leaves and local flora to your clothing to better match your background.  If you play at different times of the year or in numerous different environments, it makes sense to own several camouflage outfits with patterns that will adapt to the game you’re in.  Fortunately, the low prices of this apparel found online or in wholesale surplus stores make this possible.  Once you’ve chosen the right camo pattern, you can then match the rest of your equipment with your clothing for a complete look. 
It’s also smart to match your camouflage apparel to the weather you’ll be playing in.  Army surplus camo clothing is available in thin, rip stop material, great for military style paintball in a jungle or urban setting.  Camouflage outfits with heavier fabric are excellent for cooler temperatures and offering more protection in a rough environment.  The best camo pattern battle dress is not only lower priced but made with breathable material for the most comfort.  Baggy camouflage clothing for sale is preferred because it offers the best movement and protection against incoming paintballs, however may get caught up in thick shrubbery.  Shop for tactical outfits with adjustable waists, drawstring ankles and lots of pockets.  You won’t find them on wholesale with cheap prices (even online), but the best camouflage clothing for paintball are designed specifically for the sport.  The best brand names not only offer every camo pattern but feature extra padding in all the right places and pockets made for carrying paintball gear
Regardless of whether you play in a natural or urban setting, good camouflage clothing to blend into your environment will give you the best tactical advantage.  Camo fatigues will give you the look of a real soldier, turning an average game of woodsball into a realistic military scenario paintball battle.  When you shop at our online store, you can save yourself the time and trouble searching for lower priced army camouflage outfits found in surplus shops.  We carry the best military apparel including every camo pattern available for sale at the cheapest, near wholesale prices.  Our stock is always up to date and ready to ship so you can have the coolest camouflage clothing conveniently delivered right to your door step.  We also have top rated customer service, ready to help with your order or to answer any questions you might have; please contact us by phone or email and we are glad to help.

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