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Custom Patches Give Your Tactical Vest A Unique, Offical Military Look & Sets Your Team Apart. Here We Offer High Quality Embroidered Custom Name Patches For Tactical Paintball Vests On Sale For A Cheap Price

In scenario paintball, a tactical vest is a must to carry all the gear you need.  Worn by most players however, you and your team may be hard to distinguish from the rest with everyone wearing fairly similar tactical outfits.  Set yourself apart from the crowd with embroidered name patches on your tactical vest!  Attaching the name of your team, group or favorite nickname to your paintball vest will not only give you a unique, official military look but can even help shape your scenario game.  Custom patches for paintball vests are a cheap and easy way to make your woodsball game more fun and interesting; here is a selection of the most popular patches used on tactical paintball vests
Air Force PatchAir Force Patch
Area 51 PatchArea 51 Patch
Army PatchArmy Patch
Captain PatchCaptain Patch
DEA PatchDEA Patch
Gunner PatchGunner Patch
Marines PatchMarines Patch
Marksman PatchMarksman Patch
Marshal Patch - Scenario Paintball & Airsoft Vest PatchMarshal Patch - Scenario Paintball & Airsoft Vest Patch
Navy PatchNavy Patch
Police PatchPolice Patch
Ranger PatchRanger Patch
Recon PatchRecon Patch
Ref PatchRef Patch
Rifleman PatchRifleman Patch
Scout PatchScout Patch
Seals PatchSeals Patch
Sniper PatchSniper Patch
Socom PatchSocom Patch
Spec Ops PatchSpec Ops Patch
Special Forces PatchSpecial Forces Patch
Specialist PatchSpecialist Patch
Supressor PatchSupressor Patch
SWAT PatchSWAT Patch
Unit PatchUnit Patch
Valken Corps PatchValken Corps Patch

Give yourself a unique identity on the field by wearing a custom patch as a name badge on your tactical vest.  Patches for paintball vests include designated names of positions or status, such as ‘sniper’ or ‘sure shot’.  They can also be customized to say whatever you want…. now’s your chance to fulfill your ‘Top Gun’ fantasy of being ‘Iceman’ or ‘Maverick’ as your nickname on a custom patch in your next scenario game.  If you’re on a team, there’s no greater show of solidarity than wearing your team name on a large bold embroidered patch across your back. 
Vest patches can also be helpful in making your scenario game come to life with more realism.  Armed forces patches such as Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines will delineate your team as the good guys when your mission involves fighting cells of terrorists.  Law enforcement patches such as Police, FBI, SWAT or DEA are terrific for tactical training simulations as well as interesting, high adrenalin woodsball games when fighting opposing teams of mock drug dealers or street gangs in urban warfare scenarios.  The right custom name patch can give your paintball game a whole new flavor.
Custom name patches come in small or large sizes to fit either the front or back of your tactical paintball vest.  Most vest patches allow you to choose the background color as either black, tan or olive to best match the color of your vest and tactical outfit.  You can also choose silver, black or tan as the color thread used for the embroidered name to stand out even more.  The patches use high quality nylon threading and are super easy to install, designed to attach to your tactical vest with velcro.  This makes it simple to quickly add or remove them even in the middle of battle if necessary.
Customize your tactical paintball vest with a custom embroidered patch and you will walk the field with a new confident swagger!  Wearing matching patches will give your team a unique look that will make you stand out from any crowd.  At our online store, we have a great selection of the best quality patches to choose from for any scenario you play in.  We also offer customized patches you can order with any name or saying you want.  Outfitting your tactical vest with an awesome looking patch or any other accessory is cheap and easy at Choicepaintballguns!  We have excellent service and are ready to answer questions and offer help with your order at any time.
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