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"Just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure dealing with your company from purchase to play. Your shipping was right on time and customer service outstanding; I will continue to purchase all my paintball supplies from ChoicePaintballGuns
."  Norman S., Florida  

"Whether you need advice on the best buy, equipment compatibility or the best way to ship your paintball gear, this company goes out of their way to help. Over the years, I have tried the majority of paintball websites in the US and Canada and still say these guys are streets ahead in terms of website usability, product info and most importantly - service. Thanks guys!"  John, New Zealand 

"'WOW' is all I can say; you are the best customer service I've ever dealt with. If I ever speak to anyone regarding paintball guns or anything paintball related, I will tell them you are the only people to deal with."  Paul A., New York


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Buck Lure Paintballs.... Now you can use your paintball gun for hunting!  Shoot Buck Lure Scented paintballs into territory you want to attract buck deer to hunt them.  These .68 caliber paintballs carry the scent of female deer urine and will ‘mark’ your territory, making it smell like a place of frequency for doe.  The bucks are greatly attracted to this smell and will keep coming back to the area searching for doe. Click Here For More...

The Right Paintball Supplies Will Give You a Performance Edge. At our Online Paintball Store, You can Buy the Best Paintball Equipment and Gear For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices 

Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie craving fast action or a weekend warrior looking for a new way to get some exercise and relieve stress, paintball is fun and safe for most age groups (as long as proper protection is worn). Paintball is a competitive, full combat sport that allows us to experience the adrenalin, camaraderie and strategies of war - without the dangers of actual battle! Enjoying worldwide popularity, you can play paintball in your backyard, commercial fields or even professional tournaments if you get good enough.  The best paintball players quickly learn the importance of decision making, relying on their teammates and using strategy to win consistently. These skills are important not only on the paintball field but also in life and is the reason why paintball is frequently played by corporate companies, military and law enforcement groups.
To have the most fun playing paintball, you must have the right gear. If you have faulty equipment, a fun-filled day of full bore combat, adrenalin-pumping action can quickly turn frustrating and even dangerous. There are certain paintball supplies that you must have in order to play. When purchasing paintball gear you have to keep in mind that, by the nature of the game it’s going to be used hard, abused and needs to stay strong and working properly. The last thing you want is for your paintball equipment to fail you in the middle of a firefight or competitive match. Paintball is an active sport with tons of movement; cheap, low quality paintball gear can be heavy, causing limited mobility; slowing you down. Cheap paintball gear will not only cost you the mission but will also cost more time and money having to go back to the online paintball supplies store to replace it. 
Your best bet is to buy new, sturdy, lightweight equipment that’s easy to move in. Buying the best, top name brand paintball supplies may cost you a bit more up front when compared to cheaper, lower quality equipment, however your gear will perform better and last longer. This will not only make you a better player, but will save you money in the long run and your paintball experience will be more fun. It’s also always smart to stick with popular name brand gear and check into the warranties of higher priced paintball supplies before buying. 

Here at, our online paintball supplies store, we offer a huge selection of the best, top name brand paintball equipment at cheap, discount prices. Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced player, we make it easy and affordable for you to find the best paintball gear without breaking your bank. Because we are a small online-based paintball equipment store, we do not have the overhead of traditional paintball stores; these savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer cheap, closeout prices every day. We also provide great information about all our different paintball supplies making it easy for you to find what’s best for you. We are available to answer questions by phone or email both before and after the sale; customer service is a top priority. We also offer additional discounts to law enforcement, military groups and teams. 

Featured Team:

tactical insertion paintball team

Hells Rangers is a team that was established in Indianapolis Indiana early 2003. It was created by a military veteran who not only wanted to play and dominate scenario paintball but wanted to introduce the sport to others. Since 2003, Hells Rangers has added an all female unit "Hells Angelics" and has seen players come and go over the years. The team may not have won every event we have attended but we have always gained friends and respect from other teams and fields as well. We strive to reach out to troubled teens and underprivileged kids to introduce them to the sport of scenario woodsball and to be a positive role model in their lives. We are honored to add to our sponsors and we invite others to visit our website and say hello as well. We are always looking for recruits no matter the skill level. All players are treated as family regardless of their background. 

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