Paintball Grenades
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Exploding Paintball Grenades Make Your Scenario Game Much More Realistic & Fun! Here We Offer Paintball Hand Grenades & Re-usable Paintball Grenade Launcher Grenades For Sale

You can add a new dimension and a lot of fun to your scenario game with the use of paintball grenades.  These are accessories that are either thrown by hand or shot out of a launcher attached to your paintball gun.  While hand thrown paintball grenades are cheaper, grenade launcher paintball grenades are much more realistic and offer tremendous firepower!  All different types are on sale here…
M203 Thunder GrenadeM203 Thunder Grenade
M68 Thunder GrenadeM68 Thunder Grenade
Smoke GrenadeSmoke Grenade
Squad Blaster Mini Paint Grenade (3 Pack)Squad Blaster Mini Paint Grenade (3 Pack)
Squad Blaster Paint GrenadeSquad Blaster Paint Grenade
Tippmann Big Boy Paint GrenadeTippmann Big Boy Paint Grenade
Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)
Tippmann Squad BusterTippmann Squad Buster

Paintball grenades are used in tactical scenario paintball games to eliminate opponents; offering yet another, most effective tool in your arsenal to win.  The great thing about grenades (as compared to shooting your paintball gun to eliminate opponents) is they have the capacity to hit several players at once – causing much more damage.
Basically, there are two types of paintball grenades; ones you throw and re-usable ones you load into a paintball grenade launcher.  The grenades you throw are very similar to their real life counterpart; a pin is pulled and paint either spits out while in the air or explodes on contact, much like a water balloon. 
Hand thrown grenades are inexpensive but are a one-time use accessory; once you throw them, they are not re-usable and you cannot refill them for another throw.  While surprising to your opponent, hand thrown grenades have to be right on the mark or you may miss your target.  Often, their spray or splatter has a smaller radius and is best thrown into a crowd to be most effective.
Grenade launcher paintball grenades cost more and require several necessary accessories, however they are much more realistic and most effective.  Required accessories include a paintball grenade launcher (that attaches underneath the hand guard of your paintball gun), charger and paintball CO2 tank. 
Re-useable paintball grenade shells come in two sizes; the M68 uses the standard size .68 paintballs, and the M203 holds the smaller .43 balls.  Either size works the same and produces the same result… virtually covering your opponents with paint when they explode out of the launcher.  First, load between 17-25 paintballs into the size grenade shell you have chosen.
Then, charge the loaded shell with CO2 or high pressure air with a specific charger designed for these purposes (called the AG1).  Once the grenade shell is loaded with paintballs and air, slide it into your grenade launcher, point your gun at a crowd of enemies and pull the trigger!  You will be surprised how much paint explodes out causing massive destruction and easy elimination of multiple opponents. 
The downfall of re-useable grenade shells is they are best when used within 50 feet of the target; definitely most effective in close quarter battles.  Even though the grenade shell is shaped like a bullet, it does not come out of the launcher when fired; only the loaded paintballs do, however extremely capable of causing much destructive havoc (and fun!) on the field. 
Paintball grenades are a safe and effective way of eliminating your opponents and having a more realistic experience in scenario paintball games.  Paintball grenade launchers are also very realistic looking and give any tactical paintball marker a much fiercer look.  Use both hand thrown grenades and launcher fed for the most fun.  These tactical paintball accessories are always in stock at ChoicePaintballGuns.  We love offering great prices and huge discounts on extremely realistic paintball equipment.  For an even better deal, consider purchasing your paintball grenades in a package deal.
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