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For The Best Performance Of Your Paintball Gun, You Must Have A Reliable Air Tank. We Offer Top Quality Paintball Air Tanks & Cylinders On Sale For Cheap Discount Prices

Without an air tank, your paintball gun simply will not shoot; these are an essential part of your equipment.  It’s important to know what you’re looking for when buying a tank, so you can be assured you have a quality air cylinder that’s best for your particular paintball marker and style of play.  Only new, high quality air tanks can ensure top performance of your gun and the most fun time on the field.  Used paintball air tanks often spring leaks causing your marker to lose power and may even stop your game if you don’t have a reliable extra.  For the most fun and consistent play, owning several air tanks is smart, but only if you have purchased them from a reliable source!  At our online paintball store, we feature a huge selection of top quality paintball air tanks from only the most reputable companies…

Paintball gun air tanks are generally very safe to use, however dents and dings can render a tank unusable.  Some stores sell refurbished air tanks, however these can be unreliable and may even be dangerous.  With most types of paintball gun air tanks being very affordably priced, it’s always smartest to purchase a brand new one.  All paintball air tanks have an expiration date for their safety rating.  When the date expires, you must take the tank for an updated hydro test to ensure its safety for continued play.  Most players simply purchase a new tank to avoid the hassle and cost of this process however.  When purchasing an air tank, make sure the cylinder has a hydro test date that’s not ready to expire or you will not be able to get it filled anywhere.
Paintball gun air tanks come in various sizes with the larger carrying more air and therefore offering more shots.  Larger air tanks are more commonly used for tactical paintball guns best equipped for back field players.  Back players and snipers who provide cover fire from stationary positions can afford larger, more cumbersome weapons and larger air tanks that can handle tons of shooting.  While smaller sized air tanks run out much sooner, their lightweight and compact size makes them perfect for the agility required in speedball or the fast front line action in scenario paintball.  Air cylinders with smaller profiles also allow players to carry several during a game for a backup power source.
Besides matching the air tank size and style with your paintball gun and position you play, it’s also smart to make sure there is a refill source nearby.  Besides disposable cartridges, all paintball gun air tanks are shipped empty; to use them, you must first get them filled.  Fortunately, paintball is popular enough so that finding a refill station is generally not that difficult, however this may be unavailable if you live in a remote area.  Air tank refills can be found at commercial paintball fields, large size sports stores and hunting shops (like Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop). 
As soon as you get your new paintball gun air tank, give it a thorough inspection before filling and using it.  Make sure there are no scratches or dents on the main body; check the o-ring to make sure it’s new and not old and cracked.  Inspect all fittings to ensure they are tight and non-moveable.  Look at the pin in the top to make sure it’s not loose or slightly bent.  Once filled, if there are any malfunctions like air leaks or pressure problems, take it to an expert for inspection before any use.  This is an excellent reason to purchase your paintball gun air tank from a reputable dealer that sells name brand equipment.  The best name brand air tank companies will often replace defective tanks or parts with no extra charge.  Larger brand names companies are the most visible and are generally held to higher standards when it comes to quality and warranties.  This makes their products a safer bet for the most consistent performance.
Buy all your paintball gun air tanks and accessories from ChoicePaintballGuns for the best selection and cheapest prices on the internet.  We only sell the safest, most reliable, new brand name air cylinders with updated ratings and expiration dates.  Our store features products from numerous companies, so we have an excellent selection.  We also have top rated service and stand ready to help with your order or answer any questions you have about which tank is best for your particular marker or how to refill it.  Our store makes it easy to get the best equipment for the cheapest prices.