High Pressure Air Tanks
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Paintball Guns Perform Better With Compressed Air Tanks. Here We Offer Top Quality, Cheap Priced Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Portable High Pressure Air Tanks For Paintball Guns

When you’re ready to upgrade the performance of your paintball gun, the first place to start is to use a compressed air tank.  Unlike paintball CO2, Hpa tanks have a consistent temperature and pressure; this translates into a more reliable shooting performance and less stress on your marker.  Here is a great selection of the best brand name paintball gun high pressure air tanks….

When just starting paintball, most beginners use CO2 tanks to power their guns – mostly because the tanks are so cheap to buy.  As they get more experienced, many players upgrade to compressed air tanks.  High pressure compressed air tanks may cost a bit more, but they are much lighter, easier to get refilled and hold much more air, allowing many more shots/tank than CO2. 
Compressed air tanks also allow mores shots because they make your paintball gun more efficient on air.  The consistent temperature causes a precise amount of air to come out the same every time; unlike the spikes of CO2 that makes your paintballs lob or fall short.  Compressed air tanks also have gauges on them to help with re-filling and monitoring the pressure.
Before purchasing, realize there are two types of compressed air tanks; aluminum and carbon fiber.  Aluminum high pressure air tanks are 3000 psi, have square bottoms and cost much less.  Carbon fiber hpa tanks are 4500 psi (or higher), have round bottoms and cost quite a bit more, however they are much lighter, sturdier and hold more air.
If you’re upgrading to compressed air, the benefits of a carbon fiber tank (compared to an aluminum tank) justify spending the extra money.  These tanks are covered with an extra protective layer of carbon fiber that gives them a near indestructible shell.  There are also a greater variety of sizes and shapes to choose from compared to aluminum compressed air tanks.
High pressure air tanks are fairly easy to find refills for and can be done with a commercial air compressor.  Compressed air can be used on nearly any paintball gun, however exclusively used in high performance, tournament level paintball markers.  A good compressed air tank will make even the cheapest paintball gun shoot better and last longer.
Fortunately, you can be assured of the cheapest prices possible when buying your tanks from ChoicePaintballGuns.com.  The compressed air tanks we sell are the highest quality with the latest safety expiration dates from all the top name brand companies.  High pressure air tanks are sold empty, however easy and cheap to ship when bought in our store.