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If You Run Out of Ammo & You’re Back’s Up Against a Wall, A Pistol Paintball Gun is the Best Weapon. We Offer The Best Tactical Paintball Hanguns For Sale at Cheap Prices

In the heat of battle, running out of ammo, air or a malfunctioning paintball gun is a nightmare for any serious player.  Going into an extended scenario game with only one weapon is like going to summer camp with only one pair of underwear; if you stay long enough, you’re going to need something fresh.  The most experienced players and combat experts will always go into battle carrying a back-up pistol handgun in case they get in a pinch.  Paintball pistols are compact, lightweight and easy to move with; this also makes them excellent for fighting in close quarters and front line tactical strategies.  Pistol paintball guns are realistic, cheap priced and always add an exciting element to any scenario game; here is a selection of the best paintball handguns for sale…. 
.68 Caliber Pistols

.68 Caliber Pistols

BT SA-17 Paintball Pistol
T68 Paintball Pistol with Air Adaptor
T68 Pistol
Tiberius Arms T8.1 Pistol
Tiberius T8.1 SOCOM Pistol
Tippmann TPX Pistol - Desert Tan
Tippmann TPX Pistol - Olive
Tippmann TPX Tactical Pistol
TPX Night Ops Pistol
TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Frostbite Muzzle Brake
TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Silencer
TPX Pistol with Compact Laser Sight
.43 Caliber Pistols

.43 Caliber Pistols

Kingman Training CHASER Paintball Pistol
Kingman Training ERASER Paintball Pistol
Paintball Pistol CQB
RAMX50 Paintball Pistol
RAMX50 Pistol w/Compact Laser
Walther P99 RAM Paintball Pistol
Walther P99 w/Compact Laser Sight

There’s no question that using the most realistic paintball guns makes your scenario game come to life and much more intense.  There’s also no question that some of the most realistic paintball guns for sale are replica pistols; these handguns are authentic in both appearance and performance.  When loaded with ammo and CO2, the best paintball pistols have an authentic weight and even a slight kick when fired, just like the real thing.  Most tactical paintball pistol handguns for sale also feature magazines that drop out of the grip with the flip of a switch and even a top slide cocking mechanism.  Many woodsball players use paintball pistols as back-up weapons, used only if their primary weapon fails.  The only problem with this style is their paintball handgun rarely gets shot!  Most players can’t resist the lure of these authentic replicas and end up seeking closer range fighting just so they can bring their pistol paintball gun into play.
For a real thrill, try playing an entire scenario game using your paintball pistol as your only weapon.  This is a very challenging feat and should not even be considered if you own a cheap quality pistol that’s unreliable.  Paintball gun pistols have a limited ammo supply; most carrying no more than 10 rounds.  This means every shot with your handgun must count; there can be no wasted ammo as commonly allowed by paintball guns with traditional 200 round hoppers.  While lighter and much easier to wield, the on-board CO2 cartridges that power paintball pistols results in a somewhat limited range; most tactical paintball handguns best accurate range is barely 50-75 ft.  The player who uses a pistol paintball gun as his primary weapon must be unafraid of close quarter battles!  If you’re the best marksman however and have plenty of agility, a compact, ultra lightweight paintball pistol will allow you to dance amongst your enemies and pick them off like a sleek ninja.  If you only have to carry a tactical pistol with you, your load is much lighter allowing you to cover more ground faster and move quicker than your opponents loaded down with larger, more cumbersome paintball guns.
Even though they are much smaller than traditional markers, tactical paintball pistols do require carrying some necessary accessories.  Paintball handguns are powered by disposable CO2 cartridges that fit discreetly inside the grip or underneath the barrel.   Depending on the size of the ammo clip, most pistols can shoot between 4-6 clips of paintballs per cartridge.  In the heat of battle, these tiny air tanks run out of gas fairly quickly and you will need to carry many if you use your paintball pistol often.  Fortunately, pistol paintball gun air cartridges are super lightweight and easy to carry as well as very cheap to buy.  It’s also important to remember the limited supply of ammo paintball pistols hold in their magazines; it’s very easy to blast through entire clips very quickly during a heated battle.  Carrying as many pre-loaded paintball handgun magazines into combat as possible will keep you playing and having fun longer.  Even though lightweight tactical paintball pistols are ultimately easier to wield than full size guns, be prepared for the extra weight of carrying enough supplies for it. 
When shopping for the best tactical pistol, it’s important to know that these guns come in a large and small size, corresponding to the size of the paintball they shoot.  Small paintball handguns use the less popular .43 balls while larger pistol paintball guns shoot the standard .68 rounds.  The size difference should be considered as it’s much easier to find the larger size paintballs, yet the large size tactical pistols are more cumbersome to carry.  In contrast, the smaller sized paintball pistols are much more realistic and easier to carry, however their ammo can only be ordered online.  In addition to coming in two different sizes, the best paintball handguns for sale are also compatible with a few tactical accessories for customizing.  Paintball pistols that feature a small weaver compatible rail just below the barrel are great for adding a laser for better aiming accuracy or super bright flashlight for the advantage of blinding your opponent or using your pistol paintball gun for exciting night play. 
Since most players use their tactical paintball pistol when backed up against a wall, it’s important you don’t just go with the cheapest price; choose a pistol that’s as reliable as possible.  Sticking with popular brand names is the best policy as these companies often have higher quality products with the best warranties and service if needed.  For the most consistent performance, always purchase brand new pistol paintball guns from a reputable dealer, like us.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we have an amazing selection of the best paintball handguns for sale that are the most durable and realistic from the best brand names you can buy.  Compared to other online stores, we also have exceptionally cheap prices for tactical paintball pistols and huge discounts on package deals.  It’s easy to buy an awesome paintball handgun (and save money doing it) at our online store; we offer a simple, secure checkout and fast shipping right to your front door!