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Lose Yourself In Extremely Realistic Scenario Paintball With An Accurate Military Replica Marker. We Offer Custom Tactical Paintball Gun Rifles For Sale at Cheap Prices

Using the right paintball equipment will make or break your game and ultimately determine whether you have a day on the field you’ll never forget or wished you never came.  If your paintball gun doesn’t shoot straight or isn’t powerful enough to hit anyone, your game will invariably suffer and so will your team.  As opposed to basic beginner model markers, replica paintball rifles are the best weapons possible for scenario woodsball.  When decked out with lengthy barrels and realistic accessories, tactical rifles for paintball shoot much more accurately and at farther distances, making them significantly more effective and fun to play with.  Here is a great collection of the best paintball gun rifles you can buy…
468 DMag Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
468 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
468 Noveske Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
468 Troy Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
Alpha Black Enforcer Marker
Alpha Black M16 Tactical Marker
Alpha Black M4 Tactical Marker
Alpha Black Tactical RIS Marker
BT Delta
BT Delta Elite
BT Delta Special Ops Paintball Marker
BT Enforcer CQB Marker
BT Paintball Gun M16 Carbine Marker
BT Paintball Gun M4 Carbine Marker
BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Marker
BT Tacamo K416 Marker
BT TM15 Paintball Gun
Dangerous Power M3-A1 Marker
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun
Empire BT Omega Paintball Gun
Empire BT TM15 LE Paintball Gun
Empire BT-4 Slice G36 Elite Paintball Gun
Inspire BFG V2 AK (Out of Stock)
Inspire BFG V2 AR (Out of Stock)
Inspire BFG V2 CQB (Out of Stock)
Inspire BFG V2 EBR (Out of Stock)
Inspire BFG V2 MP (Out of Stock)
M-Series Paradigm Pro FIRST STRIKE Marker
Maxtact TGR1 DX Limited Edition
Maxtact TGR1 Limited Edition
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 - Desert Bronze
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 CQB PBNation Package
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 Mag Fed Paintball Gun
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 Package
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 Package - Desert Bronze
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 PMC Custom
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 SD Version
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 SFC Marker
MKP Assassin Magazine Fed Marker
MKP Battle Rifle Magazine Fed Marker
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The production of realistic military replica paintball guns has transformed the game of paintball.  Instead of the traditional short, timed, elimination matches, paintballers are now enjoying the thrill of military style missions and tactical strategies using paintball rifles that resemble the real thing.  These replica paintball machine guns are so authentic, you must carry them in a case or marker bag in the public or authorities will confiscate them.  They are also frequently used by armed forces and law enforcement units for tactical scenario training exercises and safe combat simulations that are as realistic as possible.  With the right custom machine gun paintball marker, it’s easy to get lost in the mission at hand; ultra realistic paintball guns are terrific for a full immersion woodsball experience.
There are many advantages to using a custom paintball rifle as opposed to sticking with the basic model marker you learned to play on.  In comparison, tactical paintball rifles have buttstocks, hand guards and often longer, high performance barrels, while basic beginner model guns have only the bare minimum.  While these accessories are responsible for giving your rifle its fierce custom look, they also improve performance allowing your gun to shoot straighter and farther.  When deciding on a rifle, choose one that will best match your style of play or the position on the field you like the most.  Be careful to consider the size and weight of your tactical marker to fit your action level in the game.  Make sure the paintball gun rifle you choose is powerful enough to shoot the distance needed for the position you play.
If you enjoy playing the sniper’s role, choose a paintball rifle that has a lengthy barrel, long range scope and perhaps a bipod for stabilizing your marker on a surface.  If you play the scout or enjoy the front lines of battle where you’re constantly on the go, a paintball sub machine gun that’s lightweight, compact, easy to wield and accurate with shorter distances is best.  The back players, infantrymen or heavy gunners should choose custom paintball gun rifles that are not only accurate in mid to long range distances but can also withstand tons of constant firing.  Back player position paintball machine guns and sniper rifles don’t necessarily have to be light, however their feed source (magazine or hopper) should be considered to provide the most constant and voluminous source of ammo.
For the longest lasting (and least interrupted) scenario play, consider buying a paintball rifle from a brand name company.  Brand name companies often have higher quality products that will last longer during extremely rough play.  For example, the best brand name guns often have their main body/receiver made of die-cast aluminum as opposed to cheap, less durable plastic.  Brand name paintball markers are also usually covered by some type of service warranty or quality assurance guarantee.  It’s smart to check into warranties before buying to make sure you are covered if there’s a break down or the producut is defective.  Another nice advantage of sticking with brand names is there are usually more accessories, parts and upgrades available for the most fun with further customization.
If the difference between having a fun day or an amazing day you’ll never forget relies on how realistic your paintball gun is, the one you choose is an important decision!  To make sure you get a cool looking, quality rifle for the best price, it’s equally important you shop at a store with a good reputation and a top selection.  Find brand name, best selling paintball guns customized into amazingly realistic military style rifles at ChoicePaintballGuns.  We’ve got an incredible selection and cheapest prices of the most awesome tactical paintball machine guns and rifles on the internet; improve your scenario game with the best in the business and save money!