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Paintball Pants Give A Professional Look And Adds Extra Protective Padding. Here We Offer Custom Team Apparel Paintball Pants For Sale At Cheap, Discount Prices

Paintball Pants are an essential part of your competition uniform and an excellent way to play a harder, safer paintball game.  Pants are paintball clothing that not only make you look more stylish when playing, but also have padding that give you great protection for your shins, knees, hips and rear.  Take your game to the next level by wearing any of these top name brand paintball pants at discount prices....

Many players choose to wear paintball pants because of the protection they offer.  Most pants offer padding over areas of your legs and hips that commonly take a beating with intense gaming.  This paintball clothing has padding made of hard foam or extra, thick material over the shins, knees, groin, hips and buttocks.  Some brands of pants even use light plastic moldings as padding, while others cover sensitive areas with thick rubber coating on the outside of the pant.

A great pair of sharp looking paintball pants will also greatly improve your confidence on the field.  The best way to play like a professional paintball athlete is to 'act as if'.  Paintball pants will automatically improve your shooting skills and movement in the game; especially when wearing a matching paintball jersey.  There's definitely a certain intimidation factor for the other team when they see you walk onto the field with a professional paintball uniform.

When purchasing a pair of paintball pants, make sure they have a good ventilation system.  Most pants have venting in certain areas that help keep you cool and make them more comfortable to wear.  Remember, paintball is an extremely active game, requiring fast movements in all directions; you must have paintball pants that offer good range of motion.  Paintball clothing that's restrictive or uncomfortable will pester your play or even cause you to lose a game. 

The best paintball pants are lightweight, comfortable and extremely durable.  They have double or triple stitching on most areas and tough protection over your joints.  Many paintball pants feature adjustable waists and bungie cord tie ankles for customizing the size.  Also look for pants that have pockets to carry gun parts, cleaning tools or even paintball ammo.  More desirable features also include an internal lining, lumbar support and rubber coating that keeps pod harnesses in place.

Find an excellent selection of custom team apparel paintball pants and camouflage bdu style pants at ChoicePaintballGuns!  We offer the latest, most up to date models of brand name paintball pants and jerseys at discounted prices.  You can also save money when purchasing your paintball pants with a complete competition uniform, including the jersey. 

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