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Remote Lines Are Paintball Accessories That Free Up Your Paintball Gun From Its Cumbersome Air Tank. Here We Offer Top Quality Paintball Gun Remote Lines Cheap

Even the most realistic paintball gun is somewhat stifled by the traditional clunky air tank hanging off its handle.  Free up your gun and enjoy a new balance for improved shooting by using a remote line.  A remote line is a cord that connects between your paintball gun and air tank.  These allow you to separate the air tank from your gun and carry it somewhere on your body, like your back or on a belt.  Here is an excellent selection…
180 Degree Remote Line180 Degree Remote Line
90 Degree Remote Line90 Degree Remote Line
90 Degree Remote Line Adaptor with One-Way Valve90 Degree Remote Line Adaptor with One-Way Valve
Ninja Remote Line w/Slide CheckNinja Remote Line w/Slide Check
Remote Line Hose CoverRemote Line Hose Cover
T68 Remote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock KitT68 Remote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock Kit
Tippmann Remote LineTippmann Remote Line
TPX Remote Line AdaptorTPX Remote Line Adaptor

Remote lines can be used on most paintball guns, however they’re mostly seen on tactical markers.  They are also not specific to the air source; they will work with either CO2 or high pressure air tanks.  Paintball gun remote lines are available as either coiled or straight, however coiled are the most popular.
The advantages of a remote line are many, and most agree they are nearly an essential paintball accessory.  Best thing about a remote line is they free up your paintball gun from a cumbersome air tank – this makes an already realistic tactical marker that much more real.  Removing the weight of a full tank will give your paintball gun a more natural balance, making it easier to aim, shoot and move with.
The disadvantage of a paintball gun remote line is it tethers a cord to your gun; some players can’t get used to this, however more people use them than not.  Remember, when you use a remote line, you will need to carry your tank somewhere on your body; this will require the use of a harness or tactical vest.  These tactical paintball accessories often have tank pouches specifically for the use of a tank + remote line.
When buying a remote line, you will want one with a quick-release tank attachment; this will keep you from losing air when you disconnect from the tank.  Beware of remote lines that are super cheap (less than $25); they are often made of inferior materials and tend to leak.  At, we know the difference between cheap and good accessories.  We only sell top of the line paintball accessories and the best remote lines, however still try to offer discounted, competitive prices.
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