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Prevent The Pain & Bruising From Being Hit In The Torso By Wearing Chest Protection. We Offer The Best Paintball Body Armor & Chest Protectors For Cheap, Discount Prices

Part of the adrenaline rush of paintball is the fear of getting hit.  Eventually you will experience the inevitable sting of a high velocity paintball.  The most common place on the body for an impact is the chest, back and torso simply because it’s the largest surface area.  Being hit in these areas is not only painful, but leaves an unsightly bruise that can last for weeks.  Paintball chest protectors are a type of lightweight body armor that blocks the pain of being shot completely and makes the game much more fun.  This protective gear is cheap, readily available and comes in various styles to match your tactical outfit or speedball uniform.  Here is a complete selection of the best paintball chest protectors on sale for cheap prices…
2012 SLY S12 Pro-Merc Chest Bounce Pad
BT Bulletproof Chest Protector
Dye Performance Chest Protector
Empire 2013 Grind THT Chest Protector (Out of Stock)
GXG Chest Protector
NXE Chest & Back Protector
Planet Eclipse Overload Chest Protector
Tippmann Chest Protector
Tippmann Hard Chest Body Armor
Valken Impact Chest Protector
VTac Reversible Chest Protector
Paintball Body Armor

Paintball Body Armor

Groin Protector
KT Body Shield
M.O.D II Paintball Body Armor

While not considered essential gear, chest protectors are protective gear accessories mostly seen used by beginners to the sport of paintball, while full body armor is often worn by scenario style players.  Despite being very lightweight, paintball chest protectors are uncommon in competition speedball as players must travel with as little gear as possible for ease of movement.  Experienced players who are more hardened to battle are familiar with the pain of being hit by a high velocity paintball and don’t experience quite the anxiety new players do.  This is why these players often forgo wearing chest protectors or use equipment with very little padding to keep the overall weight of their gear down. 
When buying protective gear for paintball, make sure the equipment you choose provides enough coverage while still remaining lightweight enough and without restricting movement.  For the best torso coverage, choose a chest protector that covers both your chest and back.  Some paintball chest protectors are made of rigid plastic.  These block incoming paintballs completely however their lack of flexibility make moving quickly more difficult.  Other styles of chest protectors are comprised of a type of stretchy, lycra material shirt with foam or plastic pads sewn into the shoulders, chest and back.  While this type of garment offers less protection, its padding adheres to the body and is more like flexible armor, easily moving with the body like a second skin.  The best paintball chest protectors feature padded sells of visco elastic foam that paintballs tend to bounce off rather than burst.  This type of body armor not reduces the pain from being shot, but will allow you to stay in the game longer!
After you’ve spent time and effort putting together the ultimate paintball uniform, it doesn’t make sense to cover it up with a bright orange chest protector to ruin your look.  Fortunately, paintball chest protectors come in a variety of colors; grey, black and several camouflage patterns are available and easy to find.  For tournament speedball, chest protectors with padded cells can be used as your competition jersey, however also work well worn underneath a professional jersey for extra padded protection.  For scenario woodsball, choose a paintball chest protector with a camouflage pattern that best matches your tactical outfit.  Tactical paintball vests that are fully loaded with gear pouches also offer terrific protection for the chest and torso and are great substitutes for a chest protector.  These garments also come in more camouflage colors to better match the rest of your scenario gear. 
While some paintball chest protectors are better than others, the advantage of this type of equipment is the cost; most chest protectors are very affordable.  The cheapest models are often seen used at commercial parks, offer the highest level of protection and stay within a beginner’s budget, generally $20-$50.  More expensive paintball chest protectors run between $50-$100+ however have more features like visco elastic foam pads for high bounce rates.  Regardless of which style you choose, you will pay the least for it when you buy your paintball protective gear from our online store.  At, safety is a top priority so we make it a point to keep our prices as low as possible for all the protective equipment we sell in an effort to keep these supplies accessible to all budgets.  We also have a totally secure checkout, fast affordable shipping and top rated customer service.