T68 Paintball Guns
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T68 Magazine Fed Paintball Rifles Are The Most Realistic In Scenario Paintball. Here We Offer A Huge Selection Of Rap4 T68 Tactical Paintball Markers For Sale

Make your scenario game much more fun and realistic by using tactical paintball gear that’s as close to the real thing as possible.  Immerse yourself in military style missions and engage in combat with a paintball gun that exactly mimics what’s actually used by real life soldiers and law enforcement officers.  The Rap4 T68 magazine fed paintball gun leads the pack as one of the most realistic markers you can buy.  Loaded with features and top technology, the T68 performs as realistic as it looks; here is a great selection…
RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun
T68 AK47 Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher Package
T68 AK47 Paintball Gun
T68 AK47 Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Assault
T68 Avenger
T68 Basher
T68 Battle Ready Marker
T68 Berserko
T68 Blade Paintball Marker
T68 Blizzard Paintball Gun
T68 Combat Paintball Gun
T68 Commando Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 CQB Action Package
T68 CQB Ready To Play Power Package
T68 Desert Storm
T68 Elite Thunderstrike
T68 Enforcer
T68 Extreme Enforcer
T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12x50 Scope Kit
T68 FIR Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher Paintball Gun
T68 Frostbite Sniper Gun
T68 G.I. Joe Package
T68 Gen7 AK47
T68 Gen7 AK47 Krinkov
T68 Gen7 Box Magazine Package
T68 Gen7 CQB
T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper
T68 Gen7 M203 Launcher
T68 Gen7 M4 Military Rifle
T68 Gen7 Recon 2 Paintball Gun
T68 Gen7 X1
T68 Genocide
T68 Hammerhead
T68 Hewitt Paintball Gun
T68 Infiltrator Marker
T68 K36 Paintball Marker
T68 K36 Socom Paintball Gun
T68 Krinkov Paintball Gun
T68 Land Warrior
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To have the most realistic scenario experience, a paintball gun that looks, feels and acts identical to an actual military rifle is key.  The T68 series paintball guns, produced by RAP4 are arguably the most realistic .68 caliber military replica paintball markers made today.  This gun unique features that greatly add to it’s realism and is by far one of the easiest tactical markers to upgrade as there are tons of accessories available.
One of the features that sets the T68 rifles apart from most other tactical paintball guns is its functional magazine feed system.  All T68 paintball markers work with a reusable 20 round detachable magazine.  Magazines are easy to re-load and very lightweight making it possible to carry several with you in pockets or a tactical paintball vest. 
You can also order your T68 tactical marker with the Split Fire Dual Feed System.  This is an optional adaptor that will allow your gun to be fed by a hopper as well as the magazine.  This system also allows the user to be able to switch back and forth between magazine and hopper feed with the simple twist of a dial.  The Split Fire Dual Feed system offers a hopper you can switch to as a back up ammo source when magazines run dry. 
Another unique feature of the Rap4 T68 paintball rifle is the ‘Flexi-Air System’.  This is a built-in air system that enables you to use a smaller air tank within the buttstock, or a full size air tank as a stock.  You can also use a remote line configuration with this system to add yet another back up air tank carried on your back in a tactical harness or paintball vest.  This way your gun is hooked up to several air sources so you practically never run out of air. 
There is also a vast array of accessories, upgrades and parts kits available for the T68 tactical marker allowing for a world of different configurations…. Sniper scopes, red dot sights, grenade launchers, flashlights and numerous different buttstocks and handguards make this gun extremely customizable.  You can also purchase already built T68 markers, with amazing M4 Carbines, AK47 assault rifles and many different paintball sub machine guns available.
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, you will find an extensive collection of T68 magazine fed paintball guns for sale.  This is because we are an exclusive dealer with RAP4 and sell many of their products; we stand behind them wholeheartedly.  These paintball guns have cutting edge technology but also come with great support; all T68 markers have a 5 year warranty!  It’s very important to us that our store not only has a great selection and competitive prices, but offers reliable products from reputable companies.