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Preserve Your Paintball Gun During Travel with a Padded Protective Bag. Here We Offer the Best Bags & Hard Cases For Paintball Markers on Sale for Cheap, Discount Prices.

When you get a brand new paintball gun, some players act like proud fathers showing off their freshly born offspring, carefully cradling their baby in their arms.  Oh the heartache when your shiny top of the line paintball marker gets its first scratch; the disappointment feels like someone reached inside of you and squeezed your stomach.  By carrying your paintball gun in a marker bag or hard shell case, you can avoid this emotional roller coaster and greatly prolong the life and pristine of your gun.  Paintball gun bags are excellent tools to not only transport your marker safely but also a great way to store it in the off season.  Even the most expensive hard cover cases and soft material bags for paintball guns are well worth the money compared to the amount they will save by preventing costly repairs or a complete replacement.  Here is a great selection of paintball gun bags and hard marker case for sale at the cheapest prices….
Discreet Padded Paintball Pistol CaseDiscreet Padded Paintball Pistol Case
GXG Deluxe Tactical Gun CaseGXG Deluxe Tactical Gun Case
GXG Gun CaseGXG Gun Case
Paintball Gun 38 Inch Padded BagPaintball Gun 38 Inch Padded Bag
Planet Eclipse GX Marker PackPlanet Eclipse GX Marker Pack
Planet Eclipse GX Marker Pack XLPlanet Eclipse GX Marker Pack XL
US Army Paintball Marker CaseUS Army Paintball Marker Case
USMG Hard Rifle CaseUSMG Hard Rifle Case
Valken Tactical Pistol CaseValken Tactical Pistol Case

It’s one thing for your paintball gun to have a few scratches on it from battle; these scars have stories attached to them and give your marker character.  It’s a sad state of affairs however when your beloved paintball gun gets dropped and dinged on the way to the game, never making it into combat.  A hard marker case or paintball gun bag is the best way to protect your weapon and keep it fresh looking for an upcoming fight.  Besides protection during travel, a good marker bag will also prolong the life of your weapon when in storage.  In the off season, throwing your paintball gun into a dusty closet can effect performance as particles collect inside the barrel or internal parts of the marker.  Housing your paintball gun in a hard case or soft padded bag will keep out dust and dirt so your marker continues to act like it did when you first bought it.  In between games, secure your paintball gun in a hard case or padded marker bag to keep it free of dirt and prevent it from getting beat up while you’re waiting for the next match. 
With some of the higher end tournament style markers costing more than $1500, scratches and dings that mire its appearance can be hard to stomach.  These paintball guns cost so much because they are sensitive, precision high performance tools designed for high stakes competition.  Paying an extra $30-$40 for a good paintball gun bag or hard protective case is nothing to keep your baby pristine looking and performing the way it should.  The best markers used for scenario paintball can also run a pretty penny and are worth housing in a hard shell case or padded marker bag for the same reason.  Most paintball guns include a tool kit, barrel blocking device and some extra parts in case your marker needs servicing at the field.  A paintball gun bag is ideal to keep these small necessities together with your gun in case something happens. 
When you have an awesome paintball gun, keep it concealed in a marker bag so your opponents will be surprised when you unveil it at the field.  Wait until the last minute to take it out of your paintball gun case so they might become intimidated right before the game starts.  A good marker bag is helpful for protecting your gun en route to the playing field, but it may also play a role in keeping concealed from the general public.  Some scenario paintball guns are so authentic, they look identical to real firearms and may cause a panic if someone sees you carrying it around your neighborhood.  If you don’t hide guns like this in a proper paintball gun case, authorities may even see fit to confiscate it!  When you carry your marker in a professional looking bag or hard case, it will give you an official look like a musician carrying his prize winning instrument… or a sharp shooter assassin carrying his weapon to the kill zone!
While there are many paintball gun bags to choose from, the first thing to look for is the right size.  Some hard cases are very long and designed to lay your entire paintball gun into it, while other padded marker bags are shorter meant for smaller sized weapons or designed for paintball guns without the barrel attached.  Most hard marker cases are the same as what’s used for real firearms; lined with egg crate foam on top and bottom for a secure fit when closed.  The best paintball gun bags have some type of padding inside to protect your marker but also contain velcro straps to secure your gun so it doesn’t move around when transporting.  Some paintball gun bags also have extra compartments to carry extra parts or other important pieces of gear.  Another good feature to look for in the best marker bags and cases is a lock.  Some bags come with an ability to add a small pad lock so you cannot open the case without a key; this is smart if you take your expensive marker to a crowded field or tournament to prevent chances of theft.
Whether you’ve a lot or a little for your paintball gun, it only makes sense to take care of it so it performs well for as long as you want it.  Keeping your marker in a good paintball gun bag or hard protective case will not only prevent scratches and dings when transporting it to the field but keep it safe for storage in the off season as well.  Compared to how much your paintball gun cost, a top quality marker bag is extremely affordable, especially when you buy it from our online store!  At, we have a large selection of the best paintball gun cases and marker bags for sale the cheapest prices you will find.  We have paintball gun bags for any size marker in stock and ready to ship at all times.  Our website offers a totally secure checkout and we have numerous fast, affordable shipping options.  We make it easy and cheap for you to prolong the life of your paintball gun with the best quality marker bags and hard cases.  We also have top rated customer service and are available by phone or email should you have any questions about which paintball gun bag might work best for your particular marker.

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