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Become Invisible By Wearing Camouflage Clothing Or A Ghillie Suit! Here We Offer Military Camo BDU Uniforms & Authentic Sniper Ghillie Suits On Sale For Cheap, Closeout Prices

When playing woodsball, it’s definitely advantageous to blend into your environment; an invisible target is much harder to hit.  It’s also much easier to sneak up on your opponents when dressed up as a bush or a ‘moving’ pile of leaves.  This is why camo clothing and gear is best suited for tactical scenario paintball.  Military bdu’s with camouflage patterns and ghillie suits can be an important part of your stealth strategy no matter what position you play.  Here is a great selection…

Most of the camouflage clothing used for paintball are the same ones used by military personnel (called BDU’s).  They come in many different camo patterns to choose from, offering a wide variety of choices to match whatever environment you’ll be playing in.  For the best strategy, make sure to pick the camouflage uniform that matches your surroundings the closest.
It’s always smart to plan ahead for scenario competitions whenever possible.  If the big game is held in a different part of the country than where you normally play, a little research about the game location’s area will pay big dividends.  Find out what type of environment you’ll be playing in so you can bring the correct pattern camo clothing or ghillie suit
For the paintball sniper, properly matched camos are a mandatory uniform.  The ability to pick off key opponents without being detected can be extremely valuable in a tactical paintball game.  The right ghillie suit is the sniper’s cloak of invisibility and can be a main key to his success on the field.  Like camouflage military BDU’s, ghillie suits also come in various color patterns to help match different environments. 
The best ghillie suits feature extra space within the suit to attach branches and shrubbery gathered from your local surroundings to customize the suit to the particular terrain.  Some sniper ghillie suits are a complete uniform, consisting of both pants and shirt, while others are more like a ghillie suit poncho that simply slides over top of the head.
Both styles work well, however the complete uniform ghillie will provide more camouflage coverage.  When buying, choose a ghillie suit with camo colors that matches your playing environment the closest.  Make sure the suit is of quality construction, made of breathable material (to prevent overheating) and lightweight enough so as not to hinder movement should you have to choose a different sniper position on the field.
Care should also be taken when choosing camouflage clothing or military BDU’s.  While scenario paintball is played on rough terrain, camo uniforms must be made of extremely durable, thick material, yet remain lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in.  The best camouflage clothing is made of rip-stop material with double stitched seams and has plenty of pockets for accessory gear.
Get completely outfitted with camo clothing from head to toe at!  We sell uniforms and military BDU’s with every camouflage pattern available as well as several varieties of ghillie suits and ponchos for cheap prices.  We want to become your one-stop shopping source so you’ll not only save time but money too.  We strive to offer the cheapest prices possible for the most quality tactical paintball gear available.
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