Sniper Paintball Guns
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Never Miss A Long Distance Shot Again When You Use A Realistic Military Style Paintball Sniper Rifle. We Offer The Most Accurate Long Range Sniper Paintball Guns For Sale

Missing shots one after another is frustrating, not to mention a serious waste of expensive ammo.  If your paintball gun loses accuracy at only 150 feet, you’ll be forced to play dangerously close to your opponents and your chances of being eliminated is much higher.  Using a paintball gun that’s accurate at long ranges will allow you to play from safer distances and give you control of a much larger part of the field.  Sniper paintball rifles are well known to shoot farther and straighter, giving you many tactical advantages as well as a new power over your opponents.  Being able to pick off key players at will translates into a quickly recognized most valuable player status from your team.  Using a precision military paintball sniper rifle for easy eliminations from ridiculous distances will command the respect of all on the field.  Here is a collection of the best sniper paintball guns on the planet…
AirowGun Infinite Edge Paintball Gun
Alpha Black Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun
Alpha Black Tactical Sniper Paintball Gun
BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Sniper
BT Sniper Paintball Marker
BT TM15 Sniper Paintball Gun
BT TM7 Elite Sniper Paintball Gun
BT TM7 Sniper Paintball Gun
Inspire BFG V2 SR Sniper (Out of Stock)
MKP Prowler Magazine Fed Marker
MKP Stalker Magazine Fed Marker
Project Salvo Frostbite Sniper
Project Salvo Sidewinder Sniper
Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun
Spyder MR1 Sidewinder Sniper Marker
Spyder MR1 Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 AK47 Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Commando Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12x50 Scope Kit
T68 Frostbite Sniper Gun
T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper
T68 Genocide
T68 M4 Carbine Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Socom Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Special Ops Sniper
T68 Super Sniper with 3-9x32 Scope Kit
T68 Tactical Sniper
T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Viper
Tiberius T9.1 First Strike Sniper Rifle
Tippmann 98 Frostbite Sniper
Tippmann 98 Sniper Paintball Gun
Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper
Tippmann A5 Sniper Package
Tippmann A5 Sniper Package with Flexi-Air System
Tippmann A5 SOCOM .50 cal Sniper Paintball Marker
Tippmann X7 Phenom Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun
Tippmann X7 Phenom Sidewinder Sniper Paintball Gun
Tippmann X7 Phenom Sniper Paintball Gun
Tippmann X7 Phenom Special Ops Sniper Paintball Gun
U.S. Army Carver One Sniper

The advantages of owning a sniper paintball gun are many.  An extremely accurate paintball gun that can pull off shots from much farther distances than any other marker is great both offensively and defensively.  A precision rifle is not only great for thinning the opposing team’s ranks but the best snipers can also cause a paralyzing anxiety for the remaining players.  When an unseen paintball sniper starts dropping all your buddies one by one, you can’t help but go into panic mode.  The unsettling fear of the invisible enemy often causes opponents to freeze in their tracks and cease any forward motion.  When they do finally move, their minds are clouded with nervousness, end up making rash decisions and a lesser performance.  A sniper paintball rifle in the hands of an experienced operator will give your team a psychological advantage by both distracting your opponent’s focus while also adding to your confidence. 
An accurate paintball sniper can play from the safe distance of the back field and still be very effective in the game.  Sniper paintball rifles are also often used by back field players for cover fire.  The accuracy and precision shooting ability of a sniper rifle provides excellent protection for the more forward positions.  If the player has fairly proficient marksmanship and a good enough vantage point, he can use his sniper paintball gun to knock out enemy team members that are the most serious threats to the front players – before the front players even encounter them!  By thinning the ranks of the opposing team, your team’s forward men can focus more on accomplishing the mission at hand and winning the game.  An awesome long range precision sniper paintball gun can easily clear a path thru the enemy’s lair for a straight shot for the finish line.
For the most effective sniper paintball rifle, decide on one that will best match your style of play.  If you’re a player who likes to lay hidden in a brush pile, stealthily waiting for the opportune moment to land the perfect shot, you can make use of a heavier, larger sniper paintball rifle.  Larger sniper paintball guns have heavier, longer range scopes, larger bipods and bulkier accessories as they are meant to be set up and not moved as much once.  While these offer the most precision shooting, they can be trouble if you’re location is discovered and have to be quickly moved.  Other paintball snipers enjoy hunting their opponents and love the thrill of a chase!  Staying on the go, this sniper must use a much lighter rifle that’s easier to carry and move with.  These guns have lighter weight (but shorter range) scopes and a much smaller profile meant for the tactical scout who can ‘pick and prey’ on his opponents as they move.
While sniper paintball rifles have significantly better range and accuracy as compared with most other types of markers, they are not a secretive, high tech piece of machinery.  In fact, you can transform nearly any tactical paintball gun into a precision sniper rifle by adding certain specific accessories or parts kits that will help it shoot much farther and straighter.  The best paintball sniper rifles have certain key elements; they have a longer barrel (generally longer than 18”) and a precision sniper scope.  Sniper paintball guns with lengthy, rifled barrels are best as this feature will dramatically increase distance and accuracy.  The best sniper rifles also have a retractable bipod to offer more stabilization when aiming and shooting.  Sometimes it’s more cost effective turn your existing paintball gun into a sniper rifle.  Most players seem to prefer buying pre-built custom sniper guns, however it can be great fun to put together your own.  You can often save the most money by purchasing the necessary parts needed to build a custom sniper paintball rifle in a kit. 
As with most paintball equipment, it’s best to choose a sniper paintball rifle with a good brand name.  Brand name paintball guns often have warranties and coverage for service if needed.  There is also many more accessories and parts available for brand name guns, offering more opportunities for further customization.  For the best experience possible, buy your sniper rifle from a reputable dealer.  At, we have the largest collection of sniper paintball guns on the internet – and sell them at great discounts.  All of our sniper rifles are backed by manufacturer’s warranties with companies that also have excellent customer service.  We’ll be glad to help you become the most awesome paintball sniper on the scenario field with a realistic military replica sniper paintball rifle – that won’t break your bank!  If you have any questions about what sniper paintball marker is best for you, please contact us and we are glad to help.