Paintball Grenade Launchers
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Modify Your Paintball Gun With A Realistic Grenade Launcher For An Exploding Good Time! Here We Offer The Best Paintball Grenade Launchers & Accessories For Sale At Discount Prices

Start your game with shear intimidation by carrying the most effective paintball weapon on the scenario field.  Paintball grenade launchers are a fun way of blasting huge amounts of paint at your opponents racking up multiple eliminations at once.  These are fully functional launchers that attach to tactical paintball markers that not only look fierce, but back it up with serious power.  Here is a full selection of the best paintball grenade launchers…
Bazooka Grenade Launcher
BT Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Long)
BT Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)
BT Paintball Gun M203 Military Grenade Launcher
M203 Military Grenade Launcher Package
M203 Revolver Grenade Launcher
M203 Revolver Grenade Launcher - Desert
M68 M203 Revolver Grenade Launcher Package
M79 Grenade Launcher (Out of Stock)
M79 Sawed Off Grenade Launcher
Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)
Panzerfaust Grenade Launcher
Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher (Long)
Project Salvo M203 Military Grenade Launcher
Revolver Grenade Launcher
RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher Package
RPG Paintball Grenade Launcher
Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher
Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher Package
T68 AK47 40mm Grenade Launcher (Out of Stock)
T68 M203 Military Grenade Launcher
Universal RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher

While some paintball grenades are thrown, the most effective are reusable grenades that are loaded into a launcher.  Paintball grenade launchers are realistic replicas of their real life counterpart that either attach to the bottom of a tactical paintball gun or are a type of gun themselves (handled much like a bazooka or rpg). 
Unlike the firearms they replicate, paintball grenade launchers do not actually shoot a missile.  They do however launch a large, exploding spray of 17-25 paintballs at one time, much like a shotgun.  For the spray to be most effective, these weapons are best used within 100 feet from their target, most accurately within 50 ft.
Most players choose grenade launchers that can be added to their existing paintball marker, however to make the biggest statement, some go for the shoulder cannon type.  These are a series of authentic replicas produced by RAP4, unique from any other type of paintball weapon.  Extremely realistic models are available including bazookas, Panzerfaust Rocket Launchers and RPG paintball grenade launchers.
The use of a paintball grenade launcher is dependant on several other accessories; a reusable grenade shell, paintballs, grenade charger and CO2.  Grenade shells come in two sizes to accommodate .68 and .43 caliber size paintballs; both of which will fit in any of the grenade launchers made.  Using a charger, the grenade shells are powered from your paintball gun CO2 or compressed air tank. 
After stuffing as many of the correct size paintballs into the grenade shell as it will hold, charge the shell with the right amount of air.  Next, load the charged, full paintball grenade shell into your launcher, aim when ready and pull the trigger!  You will be amazed with the loud rapport and all encompassing exploding spray of paintballs!
Add a paintball grenade launcher to your gun for a much more exciting and realistic scenario game!  Buy the best grenade launchers and supplies at the cheapest prices at ChoicePaintballGuns; you can save even more money and get everything you need when purchasing this equipment in a package deal.  Feel free to contact us with questions about how to use a paintball grenade launcher or what other necessary accessories you might need.