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Now’s Your Chance To Get Completely Outfitted With The Most Realistic Magazine Fed Paintball Machine Gun Assault Rifles & Compatible Accessories For A Cheap Price. Here We Offer Slashed Prices Off The Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns & Supplies During Our Big Scenario Summer Sale

If you want to take your scenario game to the next level, use only the most lifelike replica paintball guns and equipment possible.  As far as your marker is concerned, only a magazine fed tactical paintball rifle will do as these guns are by far the most realistic you will find.  Unfortunately, some of these guns are the most expensive scenario gear you will buy; however now’s your chance to get your hands on one for the ultimate cheap price!  Get completely outfitted with a magazine fed paintball gun and all its accessories for the cheapest prices available now…
Magazine Fed Paintball Guns...

Magazine Fed Paintball Guns...

Magazines & Clips

Magazines & Clips

Dmag 14 Round MagazineDmag 14 Round Magazine
Dmag 14 Round Magazine (10 Pack)Dmag 14 Round Magazine (10 Pack)
Dmag 20 Round MagazineDmag 20 Round Magazine
Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)
Pouches & Vests To Carry Magazines...

Pouches & Vests To Carry Magazines...

MAC5 Paintball Assault Armor PackageMAC5 Paintball Assault Armor Package
Paintball Magazine Leg PouchPaintball Magazine Leg Pouch
MOLLE M4/M16 Magazine PouchMOLLE M4/M16 Magazine Pouch
USMG Carbine Magazine PouchUSMG Carbine Magazine Pouch
Best Paintballs For Magazine Fed Guns...

Best Paintballs For Magazine Fed Guns...

Graffiti Paintballs (2000 ct.)Graffiti Paintballs (2000 ct.)
Redemption Pro Paintballs (2000 ct.)Redemption Pro Paintballs (2000 ct.)

The right magazine fed tactical paintball gun will help you get lost in your next scenario game for the most realistic play you have ever experienced!  Besides their incredible authenticity, mag fed markers also have other benefits that will help your performance shine on the paintball field like never before.  Feeding your paintball gun with a functional magazine allows you to get rid of the clunky standard hopper that sits on top of the gun, ruining its otherwise fierce appearance.  By removing the bulky hopper, your gun not only looks more real but has better balance, allowing you to wield it faster and ultimately move better on the field.  With no hopper in the way, your view is free and clear for whatever scopes and sights you want to accessorize your gun with.
While removing the hopper off your gun has obvious benefits, it also poses some new challenges.  Replacing a 200 round hopper with a 20 round magazine is a significant reduction in ammo capacity.  As an owner of a military replica magazine fed paintball rifle, you will need certain accessories to carry all the magazines you’ll need.  Loaded magazines can quickly add up to a significant amount of weight to carry and this should be taken into account when choosing the rest of your tactical gear.  The best way to carry paintball rifle magazines is evenly distributed on a tactical vest, however magazine pouches that attach to your thigh or belt are also available. 
For optimum performance of your magazine fed paintball tactical marker, you will also need certain paintballs.  The spring loaded mechanisms inside the magazines of most of these realistic rifles are hard on fragile paint, causing balls to break inside your gun making a terrible mess.  For best results, use paintballs that are known to have a firm shell; these are often cheaper priced recreational balls or paintballs specifically designated for magazine fed markers.  For the most accurate shooting at long ranges, choose a magazine fed paintball gun that can fire First Strike paintballs, the world’s first and only aerodynamic paintballs.  Some mag fed markers are designed to handle these rounds or guns compatible with Dmag magazines can also shoot First Strike balls.
Get completely outfitted with a realistic magazine fed paintball gun and all its accessories for a cheap price with this sale.  Now’s your chance to have the paintball gun of your dreams for just a fraction of the cost!  If you were hesitant about buying a magazine fed tactical paintball rifle because you didn’t know what accessories it would need, this sales page is the perfect opportunity to have it all figured out.  At Choicepaintballguns, we take your order seriously and will make sure the investment you make with one of these guns is handled with care and professionalism.  If you have any questions about magazine fed paintball markers or any of their parts, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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