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Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)

Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)

Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)
MKP marker w/Dmag
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The Dmag is the latest and greatest innovation from Rap4 that will revolutionize the magazine fed paintball gun industry. This durable magazine is made of less expensive materials allowing them to be extremely cheap to buy. While still offering the same quality as previous more expensive magazines, if you drop, brake or lose a Dmag, your only down a few dollars rather than $40!

The Dmag is designed for both traditional .68cal paintballs and First Strike Rounds and has two openings at the top; each opening on the 20 round Dmag holds 10 rounds and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The two openings allow for your gun to run on one 10 round track, then the magazine must be pulled and switched around to use the other 10 rounds. 

Package Includes:
10 x Dmag 20 Round Magazines

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