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Save Money & Rule the Paintball Field with a Sniper Accurate Pump Action Paintball Gun! We Offer The Best High Pressure Air & CO2 Pneumatic Pump Paintball Pistols & Shotgun Markers For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices. 

When your paintball gun’s air tank starts running low on CO2, your marker will sputter, lob balls and shoot inconsistently until its gas is completely out.  When this happens in the middle of a game, you will no longer be an effective member on your team as you keep your head low and try desperately not to get eliminated.  For a marker that will never let you down and give you an interesting, more challenging experience on the field, consider trying a pneumatic pump action paintball gun.  While pump paintball guns shoot only one ball at a time (and then have to re-pump the handle to fire again), they are more reliable, accurate as a sniper and easier to wield than standard markers.  You will also spend much less money operating a pneumatic pump paintball gun whether you use CO2 or high pressure air.  Shop for the best quality pump action markers, pistols & shotgun style paintball guns for sale at cheap prices here…

With the pneumatic pump paintball guns that are available for sale in today’s market, you’d never know these markers are a throwback of yesteryear.  In fact, the first paintball guns ever produced were pump action and didn’t use CO2 or high pressure air tanks.  The fast paced game of today was not developed yet, so the cheap original pump paintball guns were not designed to shoot waves of balls at lightening speeds; pump action markers shoot only one ball at a time.  Whether you play scenario or speedball, these guns pose a unique challenge in both firing volume and speed.  Since pump paintball pistols and shotgun’s handle must be pumped for each ball they shoot, this slower action must be made up for with extreme accuracy and marksmanship that parallels a sniper.  Pump paintball markers require the user to have black belt shooting skills to keep up with the fast paced action of today’s game and spray tactics of electronic full auto trigger guns.
If the strategic challenges of pump action pneumatic paintball guns attracts you, you will surely excel in any game you play as these markers boast many advantages.  As opposed to the cheaper, original pump guns, most of the pump paintball markers for sale today use CO2 or high pressure air tanks.  Pumping the gun’s handle simply draws air from the tank to power a reservoir that’s released into the chamber when you pull the auto trigger.  These guns are much more powerful than pump guns without an air tank.  However even with a CO2 or high pressure tank, paintball pump action pneumatic markers, pistols and shotguns will still not sputter and misfire when the tank is runs low like all other standard paintball guns.  As will all semi-auto markers for sale, you also do not have to worry about the same malfunctions you would with an e-trigger.  You will never have to deal with a dead battery or electronic board failure with a good pump paintball gun; most of these pistols and shotguns have auto triggers that don’t use a battery.  Because of the consistent high pressure the pump allows, these markers provide a more consistent velocity than even the best standard semi auto paintball guns.
Many pump gear fans also argue that pneumatic pump action paintball guns are considerably more accurate than all other markers.  While this is mostly fact, it remains a controversial point as there are no special parts or technologies inside pump paintball guns, pistols or shotguns that allow this to be true.  The reason why pump markers are generally as accurate as a good sniper paintball gun for sale has more to do with the player than the actual weapon.  Since you only get one shot at a time (and then you have to re-pump the handle), users are forced to make each shot count and focus more on aiming, rather than spraying an auto trigger barrage of balls hoping they hit something.  Also, the way pump action paintball guns are made make it easier to hold it like a real rifle for aiming.  In order to shoot a pump gun, you have to keep one hand on the pump handle, stabilizing it against your shoulder like when aiming a real rifle.  This makes for a steadier hold for the best, most precise shot. 
Perhaps one of the best advantages pump pneumatic paintball guns have over other markers for sale is the fact they are so much cheaper to use.  While only shooting one ball at a time can prove very challenging in a game versus players with fully auto guns, you will play an entire game with less than half the paintballs your opponents use.  Paying for ammo is one of the most costly ongoing expenses in paintball and keeps many people from playing as often as they want.  Many players who use pump action paintball guns, pistols and shotguns use smaller hoppers or 30-50 round caps because they know they will not need as many balls.  This also keeps their guns significantly lighter, better balanced and easier to wield than a marker with a bulky hopper sitting on top.  Shooting less ammo during the game also means you will be requiring less from your CO2 or high pressure air tank, saving you even more money and trouble on tank refills.  Because they shoot so infrequently, most players using a good auto trigger pump action sniper paintball gun also use a smaller, cheaper air tank for an even lighter load.
Even though the pneumatic pump paintball guns for sale today are somewhat of a throwback from yesteryear compared to the high tech auto trigger markers you will be up against on the field, most players who use them swear it’s their best, most accurate marker.  For an interesting and challenging game, try a good pump action sniper paintball gun and you will not only love its performance but how cheap it makes your game.  To make sure you’re getting the best pump marker possible, only buy a brand new one from a reputable dealer.  At Choicepaintballguns.com, we have a selection of the best pump action paintball guns, pistols and shotguns for sale and feature them for the cheapest prices possible.  Our store is easy navigate, so finding the guns and accessories you need is quick and simple.  We also have a totally secure checkout and fast, affordable shipping.  If you have any questions about the advantages of owning a pump sniper paintball gun, please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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