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Rule Every Field w/Improved Consistency & Incredible Speed When You Upgrade Your Paintball Gun w/a High Performance Electronic Loader. We Offer the Best Motorized Hoppers & Electronic Paintball Loaders For Sale at Cheap Prices.

While gravity fed hoppers are the cheapest way to go when it comes to loading paintballs into your marker, you will quickly learn their limitations.  These standard loaders are common to jam up when paintballs become sticky or in high humidity.  All it takes is a little shake to loosen them up buy you may not know until it’s too late causing you to miss a crucial shot.  This is never a problem when you upgrade to an electronic paintball gun loader.  Compared with cheap gravity fed, electronic paintball hoppers cost significantly more, but the performance they bring make them worth every penny.  These accessories offer the same ammo reservoir benefits but also include a tiny, battery powered motor to run a high speed paddle inside.  This keeps the paintballs moving and makes sure you always have a ball in the chamber ready to go.  Besides consistency, electronic loaders forcefully push the paintballs into your marker at a rapid pace, causing your paintball gun to speed up significantly.  The added speed attracts competitors who want as much juice as possible for their high tech electronic markers.  In today’s competitive paintball arena, you will not last in any serious competition without a good, fast, reliable electronic loader. 
Before buying, it’s smart to match the speed of your new loader with how fast your paintball gun can shoot.  If you have a fast gun but the loader isn’t fast enough, you will chop a lot of balls and make a mess.  Most of the best tournament style markers shoot so fast they can only use super fast electronic loaders.  Before purchasing an expensive high-end competition paintball gun, don’t forget to add in the extra cost of an electronic loader as it won’t work with anything else.  Even though their prices are not as cheap as gravity fed hoppers, much improved speed and consistency make them a must-have; few paintballers have ever turned back to gravity fed after using an electronic loader just once.  Electronic paintball gun loaders are mostly seen being used by speedball players who compete in tournaments with super fast markers.  Many woodsball players have also adopted electronic loaders into their game for better performance of their tactical guns as well.  These hoppers come in many different styles and colors including all camouflage patterns, great for matching with the rest of your gear.  Fortunately, these accessories can be easily found for sale online with prices ranging from moderately cheap ($50+) to fairly expensive ($200+).  Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the features. 
When choosing a good electronic paintball loader, of course you want the fastest, best performing model you can find for the cheapest price, however also consider several other factors.  Just like your marker, these loaders will also require cleaning and maintenance.  It’s smart to choose an electronic hopper that’s easy to take apart without tools so these tasks are not too much trouble.  Make sure the loader you get has a wide mouth that’s easy to feed so you can do so quickly without spilling a bunch of ammo in the middle of a game.  The best electronic paintball gun hoppers are very lightweight even when loaded down with batteries and filled with ammo.  It’s also smart to choose a model with the lowest profile possible so it’s not cumbersome to move with and doesn’t stick up too high to become an easy target.  Some of the top rated electronic loaders offer adjustable speeds to customize to your gun or the event you’re competing in.  Other stand out features to look for windows to see ammo levels, super quiet motors and LCD or lit up displays for operation modes and status updates.  Loaders that are easy on battery life or come with rechargeable batteries are also highly desirable.  
No matter what type of marker you shoot, an electronic hopper will speed your game up considerably.  Besides the much faster performance, you will also love the improved consistency these accessories offer.  Even though electronic paintball gun loaders are an added expense, without one you will be at a serious disadvantage in both speedball and scenario woodsball.  Fortunately, motorized hoppers are as common and varied as markers with nearly every popular brand name producing one.  In our online store, you can find the fastest and best electronic paintball loaders for a wide range of prices including top of the line models loaded with features and the cheapest bare minimum.  Shop with us and you can have immediate improvements in your paintball gun by getting one of these great accessories shipped directly to your door.  We offer numerous affordable shipping options so you have the electronic loader of your dreams fast.  We also have top rated customer service and are glad to answer any questions about any of the hoppers we feature; contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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