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Easily Eliminate Opponents With Improved Accuracy From A Custom Barrel For Your Spyder Paintball Gun. Here We Ofer The Best Precision Rifled Barrels & Barrel Upgrade Kits For Kingman Spyder Markers On Sale For Cheap, Discount Prices

While Spyder tactical paintball guns are terrific markers for just getting started in scenario woodsball, most players soon crave more out of these guns.  After the learning curve, many players find the performance of their Spyder to be lacking in accuracy, mostly because of the stock barrels they come with.  Fortunately, there are many after market barrels available for Kingman paintball guns that will do wonders to not only range and precision but appearance as well.  If you’re looking to upgrade your Spyder paintball gun’s performance, here is the best selection of after market barrels you will find… 
Spyder 3 Inch BarrelSpyder 3 Inch Barrel
Spyder Conversion Barrel AdapterSpyder Conversion Barrel Adapter
Spyder MR1 SD5 Barrel KitSpyder MR1 SD5 Barrel Kit

With models for both tournament speedball and scenario woodsball, Kingman Spyder paintball markers remain to be excellent entry level guns.  Paintball barrel upgrades are available for both types of Spyder guns however you will find the best and most varied selection for their tactical markers.  By upgrading your Spyder competition paintball gun with an after market barrel, your beginner’s marker will be instantly transformed for more intense intermediate level competition matches.  There are also many tactical barrels available for tournament style Spyder markers however the application is somewhat limited with this type of play, as most tournament paintball gun barrels are not longer than 12-14 inches.
While after market barrels for your Kingman Spyder will you a competitive edge with their tournament style guns, upgrading your Spyder tactical marker with the right barrel will bring an even greater advantage to scenario play.  Without spending much more money, you will easily rule the battlefield with expert marksmanship and even improved range by upgrading your gun with a new rifled barrel.  You will laugh at your opponents when your cheap priced Spyder paintball gun with an upgraded barrel outperforms markers that cost significantly more.  Using a lower end, entry level paintball gun with an after market barrel will also give the element of surprise.  Your opponents will expect a lesser performance when they see you carrying a basic model Spyder tactical marker into the game, however will be caught off guard when you easily eliminate them with the marksmanship only a new barrel can provide.
The size of the barrel you choose for your Spyder tactical paintball gun can also give your marker a new identity by customizing it for a specific position on the scenario battlefield.  For the best performance, decide on the length of your barrel based on the distances you will need to shoot for which ever position you play during a game.  If you love to play the silent precision sniper from the backfield, choose a long distance rifled barrel at least 18 inches or longer.  Mid player’s guns must be able to shoot from any range on the field should any of the front or back players need replacing; barrels between 12 and 16 inches in length are best for their guns.  Shorter barrels are excellent for paintball sub machine guns used for fast moving close quarter combat as a front man or tactical scout.
Whether you’ve chosen a long or short barrel for your Kingman Spyder paintball gun, the new precision and range will give you a new feeling of power on the paintball field.  For the best tactical advantage, upgrade your Spyder paintball gun with an after market barrel that has the latest technology.  Paintball barrels with upgraded features such as fluting, porting and rifling help add range and superb accuracy to your shot.  Fluting or porting are tiny holes in the end of a barrel that reduce air turbulence allowing the ball to project farther and more powerfully.  Rifled paintball gun barrels have a series of tracks inside that glide the paintball for a straighter, more precise shot.  Barrels with spiral grooves, tracks or hole patterns are also excellent for improved range and precision by putting a spin on the ball. 
Whether you sport a tactical Spyder paintball gun for realistic scenario play or a cheap priced beginner competition marker, the right barrel kit will definitely raise your status on the field by being the most accurate shooter on the field.  Improve both the precision and appearance of your Spyder when you upgrade with a tactical rifled barrel whether you’re a sniper or close quarter specialist.  The best thing about adding an after market barrel to your marker is the price; a new paintball barrel brings the most bang for the buck when compared to other upgrades, especially when you buy it from our online store.  At Choicepaintballguns, you can get the best custom barrel for the cheapest prices on the internet.  Our website is totally secure and super easy to navigate so getting the barrel you want is convenient and safe.  We also have great customer service and are ready to answer questions or help with your order.

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