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Carry Tons Of Ammo With A Paintball Pod Harness. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of Top Quality Paintball Pod Packs, Harnesses & Pouches On Sale For Cheap Prices

Paintball is a fast game.  Depending on the situation, a player can go through tons of ammunition very quickly – especially if they’re using an electronic paintball gun.  This is why it’s very smart to carry as much ammo with you as possible.  The best way to carry paintballs in a game is in plastic pods, held in pouches located on a pod harness.  Pod harnesses are cheap, comfortable to wear and come in many different styles and designs; here is a great selection…

A paintball pod harness is a belt with pockets attached that hold paintball pods filled with ammo.   Usually pod harnesses are made to fit the player’s waist or upper thigh and carry from 2 to 8 paintball pods.  Most pod harnesses also come in various colors and camouflage patterns to match your various scenario outfit. 
Pod harnesses generally come in a standard size, carrying either 100 or 140 round pods, with both sizes fitting in most pod packs.  Depending on the brand, some harnesses carry pods vertically, while others horizontally.  Most paintballers will agree the horizontal pod harnesses are easier to use, however most pod harnesses on the market are vertical; this is a personal preference depending on the player. 
The best paintball pod harnesses are made of fairly thick (almost canvas like) material that’s very durable and should last as long as you play paintball.  Pods are held in harnesses in pouches secured by velcro straps; this is a very effective system and the pods never come out even during the roughest play.  It’s also best to choose a harness with pod pouches that have an elastic end; this acts to ‘eject’ the paintball pod out of the pouch when the Velcro strap is released – excellent for quick action.
Many paintball pod harnesses also have an extra feature – a vertical pouch to hold your paintball gun air tank!  This is to be used in conjunction with a remote line and is very useful for a more realistic scenario paintball game.  Finally, pod harnesses also add protection to its users.  A tactical pod harness packed with an air tank and full pods covers you with a hard shell, shielding your waist or thigh from paintballs completely.
Find a great selection of paintball pod harnesses for either tournament play or scenario woodsball in our store.  At, we carry a full line of the best quality paintball pod harnesses and accessories from multiple different manufacturers – and sell them at discount prices.  Carrying ammo when you play paintball is a must – don’t spend a ton of money on your essential gear.  Shop our online store and get great deals!

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