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Transform Your BT Paintball Guns Into Amazing Military Replica Snipers, Tactical Sub Machine Guns & Realistic Carbines With Cheap Priced Upgrade Kits. Here We Offer A Wide Variety Of Accessory Parts Packages For Empire BT Markers For Sale

One of the reasons the BT paintball guns are such a smart investment is because there are so many upgrades and mod kits available… you will never get bored of your marker!  These guns were built to customize and fortunately, there are many parts packages to make this possible.  You can dress a BT paintball gun into virtually every breed of military rifle with an upgrade kit.  Parts kits for BT markers are cheap, easy to install and offered for every style of Empire BT paintball gun; here is a complete selection…
BT Delta Special Ops KitBT Delta Special Ops Kit
BT Paintball Gun CQB KitBT Paintball Gun CQB Kit
BT Paintball Gun M4 Carbine KitBT Paintball Gun M4 Carbine Kit
BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder KitBT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Kit
BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Sniper KitBT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Sniper Kit
BT Paintball Gun SMG KitBT Paintball Gun SMG Kit
BT Paintball Gun Sniper KitBT Paintball Gun Sniper Kit
BT Tacamo K416 KitBT Tacamo K416 Kit
BT TM15 Sniper KitBT TM15 Sniper Kit

Upgrading your BT paintball gun is easy and even cheap when you buy tactical gun parts in an accessory kit package deal.  These modification kits are designed to make changing your paintball gun into something completely different simple, quick and most importantly, affordable.  As an added benefit, most of the upgrade kits for Empire BT paintball guns will also improve shooting performance.
BT paintball gun kits are mostly found for the Empire BT-4 Combat marker, with fewer parts packages available for the TM7 and TM15 models.  No matter which BT paintball gun you want to customize, you will have a great time transforming your marker into a more realistic military replica paintball sub machine gun, assault rifle or precision sniper with the right upgrade kit.
While the Empire BT-4 Combat and TM7 markers make very formidable paintball sub machine guns, there are several upgrade kits available for these transformations.  The SMG and CQB kits are the least expensive as they contain the least number of parts; basically an SMG shortened barrel and a short range red dot scope.  These kits are perfect if you want to turn your BT marker into a close range war machine; keeping your gun lightweight, fast and terrifically easy to wield.
For awesome power as a mid-field player, choose a kit that will allow you plenty of range in case your skills are needed in the back field - but also keeping your gun suited for closer quarter fighting should you have to take a front position.  Fortunately, realistic carbine and M16 accessory parts packages for Empire BT paintball guns are easy to install, cheap to buy and perfect to prepare your marker for this position. 
The best upgrade kits for BT paintball guns not only lend an awesome tactical military look but will also improve your marker’s performance.  This is perhaps best seen with parts kits that transform your Empire BT Combat paintball gun into a precision sniper.  Lengthy rifled barrels and long range sniper scopes will allow you to command the scenario paintball field with silent deadly accuracy.
At, we’re excited to offer such a wide range of modification kits for the BT series of Empire tactical paintball guns.  Upgrade kits and package deals are a great way to juice up your gun and save some money doing it.  The great thing about BT kits is they are so affordable, you can buy more than one; giving you even more upgrade options!

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