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BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Kit

BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Kit

BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Kit
BT Sidewinder
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The BT Paintball Gun M4 Carbine Tactical Upgrade Kit With Red Dot Scope will instantly transform your BT-4 Combat Slice marker into a realistic and much more accurate tactical M4 Carbine replica. This easy to install parts kit includes a realistic M4 magazine, carbine stock, sidewinder scope mount and accurate 1x30 red dot scope.

The BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Kit Includes:
  • - 1 x Tactical Barrel Kit
  • - 1 x BT Paintball Gun M16/M4 Magazine
  • - 1 x BT 1x30 Reflex Red Dot Scope
  • - 1 x Sidewinder Scope Mount
  • - 1 x BT Carbine Buttstock

You'll never grow bored of your BT-4 Combat Assault paintball gun when you dress it up with an awesome mod kit. Not only with the BT Sidewinder Kit completely change the look of your gun, you will be amazed at how much more control and accuracy you will have on the field. This is a complete parts kit and everything is included; it only takes a few minutes to install all the parts with only a few allen wrenches.

The carbine stock is adjustable for size and completely realistic; it will make a world of difference being able to stabilize your gun against your shoulder for precision aiming. The M4 tactical hand guard and barrel kit includes a 16 inch barrel, realistic M4 hand guard, front site and removeable muzzle brake. The M4/M16 magazine included with the Sidewinder Kit is non-functional, however really adds to the overall fierce look of the gun but also helps balance out the weight some. The real star of this show is the sidewinder scope mount and offset 1x30 Reflex Red Dot Scope.

The 1x30 scope is a perfect match for the range of the BT Combat Assault marker and will make an immediate difference in shot accuracy. Offset to the side with the handy sidewinder mount, it's easy to use the scope while wearing your goggles and the view is clear from the hopper. Buy the BT paintball gun sidewinder kit from ChoicePaintballGuns for a great low price. We try to make shopping for your favorite paintball supplies and gun upgrades easy, cheap and convenient with our online store.
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