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Valken Vtac Tactical Gear Is The Most Durable & Reliable Camouflage Apparel & Vests In Scenario Paintball. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Vtac Camouflage Clothing, Molle Vests & Accessories On Sale For Cheap Prices

Scenario paintball games are best played in often remote locations, sometimes requiring players to travel long distances to/during battle.  If you have cheap quality tactical gear, it can leave you stranded in the brush far from a replacement.  The importance of having reliable equipment in woodsball is mandatory!  This is why the best mil-sim players choose Valken Vtac tactical gear.  Vtac paintball supplies are extremely durable, comfortable and specifically designed for the serious woodsballer who plays to win.  Here is the complete selection of Valken Vtac paintball equipment…

Most players start their collection of paintball gear with a basic marker.  The Valken Vtac tactical paintball gun is an excellent way to get introduced into scenario paintball.  Not only is it easy to shoot accurately, but it’s also a dream to clean and maintain; a great marker to learn the ropes of caring for your gear on.  Vtac’s tactical paintball gun is a .68 caliber, hopper fed, compact sub machine gun that’s totally durable and completely customizable.  Don’t let the cheap price of this gun fool you into thinking it’s low quality; the Vtac paintball gun performs terrifically right out of the box with no upgrades.
Perhaps best known for their award winning camouflage apparel and gear, Valken Vtac offers some of the most sturdy, stylish tactical clothing around.  With several sharp camouflage patterns available, Vtac scenario paintball clothing is comfortable to wear and protective as well.  Vtac paintball pants and jerseys include vented mesh panels and lightweight, gusseted material for a breezy, easy to move in complete uniform.  Rubberized padding and thickened material over sensitive areas offer a type of body armor protection for the roughest, most adrenalin filled play.
Vtac also features the next level of protection in matching camouflage tactical paintball vests.  Valken Vtac tactical vests use the molle system for simple installation of pouches and easy customization.  There are also many Vtac molle vest pouches that hold nearly every scenario paintball accessory you could ever want.  Customize your tactical vest to match your camouflage clothing but also specific to the position you play or the paintball gun you use.  A tactical molle vest that matches your scenario camouflage gear gives you a fierce, complete look and also adds much more protection for your torso.
To top off an already amazing tactical edge you will get from wearing a complete Vtac scenario uniform, consider a matching camouflage pod harness.  With several models available, Vtac pod harnesses attach to either the thigh or waist and are totally comfortable to wear – even when fully weighted down with gear.  Vtac pod harnesses can carry from two to seven 140 round paintball ammo pods with the most popular models carrying 4 pods and a vertical pouch in the center for your paintball gun air tank.  Valken Vtac pod harnesses feature super durable material, double stitching and an elastic ejection system allows for quick access to pods.
Valken Vtac equipment is not only reliable and practically indestructable, it’s also very easy on the pocket book.  You can get a completely decked out from head to toe in the most awesome, protective camouflage uniform and still have money left to create a fully customized matching tactical vest!  If scenario paintball is your game, wear tactical gear that will be able to withstand harsh environments, be comfortable to wear and still let you blend into the local foliage.  Choose your scenario paintball apparel from the Valken Vtac collection and you will definitely have the tactical advantage on the field. 
Customize your look with Vtac tactical equipment from ChoicePaintballGuns and you will get the best performing gear at the lowest prices.  We support Valken because they have excellent quality products we know we can stand behind.  Whether you need a new molle pouch for your vest or a complete set-up, you will get the cheapest prices and best service from our online store; we strive to make your shopping experience easy, affordable and fun. 
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