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Prevent Injuries To The Hips & Thighs When Sliding In Paintball by Wearing a Padded Protective Safety Suit Called Slider Shorts. We Offer the Best Paintball Slider Shorts & Body Armor Apparel For Good, Full Lower Torso Protection on Sale for Cheap Prices 

Dye Protective Slam ShortsDye Protective Slam Shorts
Empire 2015 NeoSkin Paintball Slider Shorts - Black / GreyEmpire 2015 NeoSkin Paintball Slider Shorts - Black / Grey
Exalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts-BlackExalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts-Black
Exalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts-GreyExalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts-Grey
Planet Eclipse 2014 Overload G2 Slide ShortsPlanet Eclipse 2014 Overload G2 Slide Shorts
Planet Eclipse Overload Slide ShortsPlanet Eclipse Overload Slide Shorts
Valken Agility Slide Protective Paintball ShortsValken Agility Slide Protective Paintball Shorts
Valken Agility Slide Protective Paintball ShortsValken Agility Slide Protective Paintball Shorts

In paintball, players who lay it on the line with all out play are often prone to scrapes and bruises when hip sliding behind bunkers and army crawling to safety.  Without protective gear, raspberries and abrasions are not only painful but can even keep you out of the game until they heal.  If you want to pull off bold moves on the paintball field, you must have protective apparel so you can play with no holds barred without getting injured.  Worn either under your fatigues or as part of your main uniform, paintball slider shorts are protective gear you will not want to do without.  These lightweight shorts are comfortable to wear, easy to move in and very affordable protection for the hips, thighs and buttocks.  The best paintball slider shorts act as a type of padded body armor for your lower torso while also providing good support for your hips and groin area to pull off awesome athletic maneuverability.  The right pair of slider shorts will easily substitute for a full safety suit because of how mobile they allow you to stay.  Most of the fastest players wear very little padding, however nearly all shop for paintball slider shorts for the best performance and cheap sale prices.
As their name implies, paintball slider shorts are intended to offer an extra layer of protection for the hips and thighs when jump sliding on your side much like a baseball player slides home for a winning run.  Competition speedball fields with bunkers placed about on short cut grass or turf have flat, even terrain perfect for hip sliding.  This is why paintball slider shorts are commonly worn by speedball players, as the terrain in woodsball may prohibit their sliding benefits.  However, this is not exclusive; padded slider shorts for sale are great cheap protective gear for nearly any paintball match.  For tactical scenario paintball, slider shorts offer the same safety suit protection despite the lack of sliding in this type of game.  Most scenario players shop for slider shorts to wear underneath their camouflage apparel for the best protective body armor to the hips and thighs against the rough natural terrain scenario paintball missions are carried out on.  Not only are slider shorts good apparel for protection against your environment, but also offer full coverage to the upper legs and hips against oncoming paintballs.
Most paintball slider shorts have a base material that resembles bike shorts made of breathable stretch lycra or spandex; this makes the shorts flexible and easy to move in.  The best brands for sale use material that also wicks away moisture or has mesh venting for better airflow.  Some paintball slider shorts have protective padding that’s sewn into the fabric in segments to allow good full range of motion with cheaper models using thickened material over sensitive areas.  The best slider shorts feature thermo formed, compressed sponge foam pads as the protective cells and act more like a type of body armor safety suit.  While these shorts are often the most expensive, their high tech pads also offer another benefit.  The right pads will also provide a ‘bounce rate’, meaning they are made with a certain rubbery texture that lets a high percentage of paintballs bounce off your apparel rather than break on impact.  Protective gear that deflects paintballs will not only protect you from getting hurt but also keeps you in the game longer! 
Shop for paintball slider shorts that will give you the best protection, range of motion, comfort for sale at a cheap price.  Most brand name slider shorts also complete a full outfit of the same brand padded gear for other areas of the body for total protection and a rad looking safety suit or type of body armor.  When you’re decked out from head to toe with good protection, you can play with reckless abandon, moving without fear of the environment or your opponent’s bullets!  Get a pair of paintball slider shorts to complete your protective apparel outfit and prevent injuries when sliding and playing hard.  Cheap, lightweight and comfortable, slider shorts are accessories that will definitely help enhance your paintball experience.  For the best sales prices and selection, buy your slider shorts and all your matching protective gear from  We have fast shipping, excellent customer service and a totally secure shopping cart for the easiest shopping you will find on the internet. 

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