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Give Yourself A Tactical Edge On The Field By Upgrading Your Paintball Gun To Shoot Farther And More Accurately With The Best After Market Barrel Accessory Kit. We Offer The Best Precision, Long Range, Rifled & Custom Paintball Gun Barrels For Sale At Cheap, Discount Prices

In paintball you’re only as good as your equipment.  No matter how good of a shot you are, if your barrel lacks luster, you will be extremely limited and easily outgunned.  Unfortunately, the stock barrels that come with most paintball guns leave much to be desired in distance & accuracy.  Upgrading your gun with a custom barrel that improves both precision and range will give you the best tactical edge in both tournament style play and scenario woodsball.  The right paintball gun barrel will help you excel in your specific position on the field.  Fortunately, after market barrels can be found for nearly all brands of paintball guns and are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to instantly upgrade your marker’s performance.  Here is the best selection of paintball gun barrels on the internet…

Adding a new, high tech barrel to your paintball gun will not only improve its range and accuracy but will also give it a custom look.  Many after market barrels for the best tournament style markers are shiny and flashy looking, giving your paintball gun a fresh, professional look.  For the best tactical advantage, choose the length and characteristics of your new barrel for how you want your paintball gun to function.  Longer barrels shoot the farthest however add length and weight to your gun; they are excellent for a sniper paintball gun or a backfield position.  Short barrels are more compact and lighter for the best performance as a front man engaging in close quarter battles and constantly on the move.
Whether you’re a backfield sniper or fast action front man, you will have uncanny accuracy with an upgraded barrel.  After market barrels perform so much better than stock barrels because they have so many upgraded characteristics.  When shopping for the ultimate paintball barrel, consider all aspects; size/length, weight, appearance and of course performance to best match your playing style.  While there are many options to choose from, the most effective barrels for shooting farther and straighter have technological features such as rifling, fluting/porting and/or spiraling.
As paintball is such an active sport, you need a barrel on your marker that’s super sturdy so it can withstand extreme environments and rough play.  If your barrel is made of cheap materials, it can be easily bent during a game causing broken balls and erratic, inconsistent shooting.  When shopping, pay attention to what the barrel you want is made of for the best balance between sturdiness, weight and performance.  The best paintball gun barrels are made of aluminum, ceramic or carbon fiber, however sometimes the lighter weight, higher performance barrels are made of less sturdy materials and should be kept in a padded carrying case between games for extra protection.
After installing your new custom barrel for the first time, you will have a new confidence when you walk onto the field knowing your marker has an upgraded performance secret weapon.  You will feel equally brave trekking the scenario field with a new precision barrel that gives your tactical marker it’s character, specialized look and uncanny ability to reach out and ‘touch’ someone.  No matter which type of game you play, replacing your stock barrel with an upgraded high performance barrel will make an immediate difference in your marksmanship.
Here we offer a great selection of the best precision high tech after market barrels for sale at the cheapest prices you will find on the internet.  If you have any questions about compatibility with your gun or the performance of any of the barrels we have for sale, please let us know and we will more than happy to assist you.  Buying your custom barrel from Choicepaintballguns is the easiest way to get the best quality paintball gear for the lowest everyday discounted prices.  Our website is 100% secure and we have fast, affordable shipping.

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