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Intimidate & Destroy the Opposing Scenario Team Armed w/a Powerful, Realistic Full Metal 68 Cal Paintball Grenade Launcher Mounting Under Your Tactical Marker. We Have the Best Paintball Gun Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher Attachment For Sale at Cheap Discount Prices

AG1 Thunder Grenade ChargerAG1 Thunder Grenade Charger
Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Long)Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Long)
Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher (Short)
Paintball Gun M203 Military Grenade LauncherPaintball Gun M203 Military Grenade Launcher
Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher (Long)Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher (Long)
Quick Change 12g CO2 AdapterQuick Change 12g CO2 Adapter
RAP4 Paint MixRAP4 Paint Mix
Universal RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher (Short)Universal RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher (Short)
X7 Phenom Phantom Grenade Launcher (Long)X7 Phenom Phantom Grenade Launcher (Long)
X7 Phenom Phantom Grenade Launcher (Short)X7 Phenom Phantom Grenade Launcher (Short)
X7 Phenom RIS M203 Military Grenade LauncherX7 Phenom RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher

Extremely realistic woodsball equipment can give you an advantage by intimidating your opponents.  When it also packs a powerful punch, every game will be an easy, fun road to victory.  The attachment of a paintball grenade launcher to your tactical marker will scare the opposing team into submission when they see you armed to the teeth with a weapon that could take them all out with one trigger pull.  While 68 caliber full metal grenade and rocket propelled launchers are not stock items for most scenario paintball guns, these tactical accessories are well worth the extra money.  Available for mounting to the base of your marker or carried alone as your primary weapon, paintball grenade launchers are guaranteed to spice up your game with memories you will never forget!  The best grenade launchers are realistic imitations of their real life counterparts and will give even the most basic model woodsball gun a fierce looking face lift.
Just like a real grenade launcher mounting underneath an actual firearm for a convenient hand hold, paintball guns armed with a similar attachment are also exceptionally fierce.  Different from its authentic parent however, paintball grenade launchers do not actually fire an exploding bomb or rocket propelled object.  They may look like it, but full metal, totally realistic looking paintball launchers do not shoot out an actual grenade.  These items act more like a tactical shotgun, blasting out a destructive wave of paintballs.  Stock up on your 68 caliber ammo though as paintball grenade launchers are the best way of blasting huge amounts of paint at your opponents at once.  It’s easy to be mvp of the big scenario game with a powerful launcher taking out the entire opposing team in record time.  Either attached to your marker or wielded on your shoulder like a giant, scary paintball cannon, expect these accessories to add a bit of weight to your load.  Most players have such fun using good paintball grenade launchers they don’t even notice (or care) they’ve slowed down a bit. 
With a stock paintball grenade launcher mounting onto the bottom of your tactical marker, you can shoot a large, exploding spray of 17-25 paintballs at one time.  For the spray to be most effective, these weapons are best used within 100 feet from their target, most accurately within 50 ft.  This means your realistic full metal launcher you will be dying to use is going to bring you dangerously close to your targets.  Don’t expect your opponents to behave the same however when they see you armed with a fierce looking rocket propelled paintball grenade launcher staring them down.  Most 68 caliber launchers are an easy attachment underneath nearly any paintball gun as long as it has a long enough barrel or mounting rails.  Paintball grenade launchers are considered tactical items however and are rarely found attached to tournament style markers.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert professional woodsball player to operate a grenade launcher successfully.  Paintball grenade rocket launchers are easy to use right out of the box for any starter player. 
Add a tactical paintball grenade launcher to your gun for a much more exciting adrenaline filled, realistic scenario game!  Arm yourself with the most powerful rocket propelled attachment you can buy from our huge selection.  In our online store, you can buy the best 68 and 43 caliber full metal grenade launchers for either wielding on your shoulder or mounting to your marker on sale for cheap prices.  These items are extremely popular so we try hard to keep them in stock at all times.  Paintball grenade launchers also require several other accessories that can all be found in our store for good discount prices.  We know you will love the quality and performance of our new woodsball grenade launchers for sale, however they also come with a warranty should you need assistance.  If you have any questions about how to operate, what you will need or anything at all about paintball grenade launchers, please contact us by phone email and we will be glad to help. 

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