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Avoid Eye Injuries & Shield Your Face with a Good Low Profile Full Coverage Paintball Mask and Goggles. We Offer the Best Anti Fog Dual Pane Thermal Paintball Goggles & Awesome Looking New Face Masks with Cool Custom Designs from Top Rated Brands at Cheap Sales Prices.

Besides the sting of being hit, paintball is deemed as a safe sport for nearly all ages.  The only serious injury in paintball is the possibility of a direct hit to the eye; causing permanent blindness.  While the incidences of this have been extremely rare, the consequences are so serious they should be pre-cautioned against at all times.  This is the reason paintball face masks are the only mandatory piece of safety equipment required for the game; without a good pair of safety rated goggles, you are not allowed to play.  Fortunately, there are many top brands and designs of paintball goggles and even awesome custom masks available to not only offer the right protection but lend a cool look too.  Here is a huge selection of the best new anti fog goggles and full coverage dual pane thermal paintball masks for sale at cheap prices…

Even without the best full face mask, the chances of being hit directly in the eye with a paintball are somewhat rare, however direct hits are not the main reason why paintball face masks are mandatory to play.  The shell of a paintball often splinters and breaks apart upon impact and the chances of being hit in the eye with a piece of shell shrapnel are high without a good pair of goggles.  Tiny pieces of paintball shell can scratch the cornea, cut sensitive eye tissue and even rupture the eyeball if you’re not shielding your eyes with the best coverage from a mask.  This is why a good dual pane paintball mask with full face coverage or low profile safety goggles with sides that conform to the face are worth the extra money.  Fortunately, paintball masks are very affordable, ranging from the cheapest bare minimum goggles to new, top priced name brand full face paintball masks with awesome custom designs and cool anti fog thermal lenses.
Unfortunately, regular safety goggles used in shop class cannot be used to play paintball.  Only masks and goggles that have been rated by the ASTM are acceptable.  The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Measures) is a non-profit international organization that provides the best testing for a wide range of products to develop technical standards of safety.  Before a company can mass produce and sell a paintball mask to the public, it must pass a series of rigorous safety tests by the ASTM.  If you use a face mask or cheap pair of goggles that isn’t designed specifically for paintball, the lenses can crack or shatter when hit by a high velocity impact and contribute to an eye injury themselves.  To ensure you get a properly rated mask safe for paintball, purchase your goggles from an authorized dealer.  Most reputable paintball shops will have a good selection of cool name brand full face masks and awesome custom thermal dual pane goggles offering the best coverage and with proper safety ratings. 
In paintball, wearing a good face mask is mandatory at all times on the field.  For the best protection and performance, look for certain necessary features common to most masks and goggles.  For the minimalist, paintball goggles are the cheapest way to go and have the lowest profile, however only shield the eyes, offering no coverage for the face.  For the best shield against direct hits and secondary splatter, a full face paintball mask with as much coverage as possible will keep sensitive areas safe from the pain and unsightly bruises of being shot.  Make sure the goggles you choose have plenty of ventilation so you stay cool and don’t overheat during the game.  Whenever possible, try a brand new paintball mask on to make sure it’s comfortable to wear and has proper foam padding for the best custom fit to your face.  While top, fancy new thermal dual pane masks with cool designs make for better performance and a more awesome look, these characteristics are secondary to proper coverage.
Pay attention to the design and material the paintball mask is made of to make sure it’s a good match with your style of play.  Some of the top brand anti fog paintball masks and low profile thermal goggles are made with a light, pliable rubber offering the best comfort and custom fit to your face.  If you’re a super active player, running, diving and rolling, these masks are easier to move in, however offer a bit less protection.  Other masks are made of a thick, hard plastic providing complete coverage.  These masks offer the best protection, however can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to move with.  Paintball masks with hard shell designs are also popular because they can be airbrush painted with custom artwork.  Imagine how cool your tactical outfit will look with the addition of an awesome custom camo or flaming skull airbrushed onto the front of your new full face dual pane paintball mask!
Finally, it will be worth your time and money to stick with a paintball mask that comes with dual pane, thermal anti-fog lenses.  No matter how much ventilation a mask has, heated play causes your face to sweat and will fog up any good pair of goggles.  Even the best dual pane anti-fog thermal masks still cloud up some however much less than paintball goggles with only single pane lenses.  While masks that feature dual pane, anti fog lenses cost a bit more, the performance they bring is worth it.  Find a huge selection of new, cool looking paintball masks with anti fog lenses from every brand name at our online store!  We carry the entire range of inventory from the best cheap single pane low profile beginner goggles to awesome, intricate custom skull designed thermal full face coverage paintball masks.  At Choicepaintballguns, safety is a top priority, so we keep prices as cheap as possible so good safety gear is affordable for all budgets.  

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