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Carry Your CO2 Tanks & Other Necessary Gear Easily & Comfortably On Your Back w/a Good Paintball Backpack. We Feature Hot Deals On Top Brand Name Paintball Equipment Bag Backpacks for the Best Cheap Prices

Empire F6 Paintball Gear and Laptop BackpackEmpire F6 Paintball Gear and Laptop Backpack
Gen X Global Trek Backpack - CamoGen X Global Trek Backpack - Camo
GenX Global Tactical Backpack - TanGenX Global Tactical Backpack - Tan
GI Sportz Hik'r 2.0 BackpackGI Sportz Hik'r 2.0 Backpack
HK Army Expand Paintball Backpack Gear BagHK Army Expand Paintball Backpack Gear Bag
Rap4 Back PackRap4 Back Pack
Rothco Large Camo Transport PackRothco Large Camo Transport Pack
Rothco Multi-Chamber MOLLE Assault PackRothco Multi-Chamber MOLLE Assault Pack
SOF Back PackSOF Back Pack
Strikeforce Camel PackStrikeforce Camel Pack
Tactical Back PackTactical Back Pack
Valken Phantom BackpackValken Phantom Backpack
Warrior Tactical Backpack with Mole - CamoWarrior Tactical Backpack with Mole - Camo
Warrior Tactical Backpack with Mole - KhakiWarrior Tactical Backpack with Mole - Khaki

With so many pieces of necessary equipment, it’s easy to forget something important and your day at the paintball field can be quickly ruined.  If you forget to bring your mask or CO2 tank you won’t be able to play.  This is why carrying your gear to the game in a good equipment bag is a smart move.  It’s also smart to use a bag that fits the amount of supplies you have for the safest and most efficient transport.  It doesn’t make sense to use a big overnight suitcase to carry the few items you need for just a day trip to the field.  Backpacks specially designed for paintball gear make terrific bags for keeping your equipment together and transporting it for short trips.  Often produced by the same top brands that make the guns and supplies you stuff inside them, you can get a very cool looking backpack that matches the rest of your gear for cheap, hot deals when you buy online.  These bags are also great for carrying other items besides paintball CO2 tanks and equipment, often making good school backpacks as well.
A good paintball backpack has many advantages beyond just getting your equipment to the field.  Compared to most paintball bags, backpacks are often a first choice because of their cheap price.  These items are also very popular, so there are many available and it’s fairly easy to find top brand name bags for hot deals.  Unlike most paintball carrying cases, backpacks can also be used during your game.  Most bags are just for transporting or storing your gear but the right paintball backpack can be worn throughout a scenario mission to keep all your most important supplies right at your fingertips.  Backpacks are great for keeping CO2 tanks, extra supplies, ammo pods and many other necessary items easy to carry comfortably and evenly distributed on your back during an active game.  Rather than weighting down all your pockets with bulky equipment, you won’t even know you’ve got everything you need when it’s stored on your back, keeping your arms free for firing your marker. 
For the most useful backpack, shop for bags with specific features.  The hot deal you found on a cheap priced bag will turn into disappointment if you can’t use it for carrying the paintball gear you need.  The best backpacks for paintball have plenty of room inside for storing large items like CO2 tanks safely.  If you want to carry equipment, look for a bag that has straps or elastic bands inside to help attach important gear securely so it won’t jostle around when running.  Make sure the paintball backpack you buy has good padded shoulder straps and even an adjustable waist strap to keep your pack tightly secured to your body.  If you’re going to be wearing a loaded pack for an extended period of time, it’s important the bag is comfortable on your back.  The best paintball backpacks feature padding across the shoulder area and even lumbar support so the bag contours ergonomically to your back.  A sturdy handle on the top of the bag is also a nice accessory that makes it easy and comfortable to carry your pack in one hand when it’s not secured to your back. 
For keeping all your best gear together to keep from losing it and an easy way to transport it to the field, a good paintball backpack is essential.  Storing your CO2 tanks in your pack is a great way to keep them from rolling around in the car on the way to the game.  Choose a backpack you can wear while you’re playing paintball and you will be the most popular on your team helping carry everyone’s supplies.  For the cheapest price on the best quality paintball backpacks available, shop at our online store.  At carry the top name brand equipment bags and backpacks for sale at the hottest deals you will find.  Our great selection makes it easy to get the best backpack for you at the cheapest price.  We also have an easy, convenient, totally secure check out and fast, affordable shipping options so you can get the bag you want shipped directly to your door.  Contact by phone or email if you have any questions about our paintball backpacks and we will be glad to help.

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