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468 Magazine Fed Markers Are The Best For Military Simulation Training & Realistic Scenario Paintball. Here We Offer The 468 Magazine Fed Carbine Replica Tactical Paintball Rifle For Sale

According to most scenario paintball connoisseurs, magazine fed tactical markers are the most realistic guns on the field. Approach these paintball guns with caution however as some brands tend to be fickle regarding ball breaks and problems with the magazines. After much research and development, Rap4 has finally come up with the ultimate magazine fed paintball gun called the 468. This marker is not only military grade realistic, but one of the most reliable and durable magazine fed paintball rifles on the market; here is a complete selection…
468 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun Accessories...

468 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun Accessories...

Dmag 14 Round Magazine (10 Pack)Dmag 14 Round Magazine (10 Pack)
Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)Dmag 20 Round Magazine (10 Pack)
468 Basic Kit468 Basic Kit
468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMag Version)468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMag Version)
468 Complete Upper Receiver468 Complete Upper Receiver
Ergonomic Pistol GripErgonomic Pistol Grip

Designed for an expanding market, Rap4 built the 468 magazine fed tactical marker to be used by law enforcement, military and security personnel for realistic simulation training. This means they had to be extremely sturdy, reliable and of course as lifelike as possible. The 468 rifle turned out to be perfect for this application and have also been adopted as terrific weapons for less lethal crowd control. It wasn’t long before scenario paintball quickly embraced this ultra realistic magazine fed M4 carbine replica marker.
Besides its realism, the 468 tactical paintball gun boasts being one of the most sturdy and reliable of its kind. Rap4 has produced a video about how sturdy and indestructible the 468 magazine fed marker is. Entitled ‘468 Torture Test’, the 4 minute video shows the gun being taken through a series of damaging tests and still performing well. The 468 is dropped out of the back of a truck, then being run over, picked up and immediately test fired. Other torture tests include firing the 468 marker after it’s been buried underground, shot with a shotgun, dropped from a 4 story building and even submerged in water. This tactical paintball gun can take a serious beating and continue to perform.
Another great feature of the 468 magazine fed paintball gun is how incredibly customizable it is. It’s easy to take apart and simple to clean because you can completely disassemble the receiver into two parts, top and bottom. The 468 receiver is such a realistic carbine replica, it’s compatible with most accessories used by real rifles. It’s also compatible with all the many handguards, stocks, parts and kits available for the T68 magazine fed markers. The Rap4 468 tactical marker is also compatible with the latest parts and upgraded accessories from Magpul, offering awesome custom scenario color schemes.
The 468 magazine fed paintball gun shoots .68 caliber paintballs and is strictly magazine fed. Unlike the T68, they do not offer the split fire dual feed and cannot use a hopper. While the 468’s magazines are the same ones used by the T68, this can also be customized to use the popular Dmag magazines. Not only does this mean you will benefit from the super cheap prices of these new accessories but it also means your gun can shoot the incredibly accurate First Strike paintballs. Upgraded with a custom 18” rifled barrel and First Strike ammo, the 468 magazine fed marker makes an amazingly accurate paintball sniper rifle.
Whether being used for realistic military simulation training or all out tactical scenario paintball, the 468 paintball rifle will shock you with outstanding performance. This tactical marker is lightweight, easy to wield and has very little recoil. In your hands the 468 feels balanced and powerful; it’s perfect for fast action and rough play in any environment or condition. Depending on the size of the barrel you choose, the 468 magazine fed paintball marker is excellent for any range or position on the field.
While these guns are extremely popular, there is often a wait of several weeks to get them. The 468 magazine fed paintball assault rifle is so realistic, sturdy and fun to play with, most players will agree nearly any wait is worth it. For the cheapest prices of these realistic scenario markers, buy them from our online store. At Choicepaintballguns, we pride ourselves with excellent customer service and the best prices you will find for the best paintball gear available. Please contact us with questions about the 468 magazine fed paintball gun, Dmags or anyo of the 468 accessories.

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