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468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMag Version)

468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMag Version)

468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMag Version)
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If you’re looking for the sturdiest, most realistic tactical scenario paintball experience possible, you must own the new 468 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun! Created by RAP4, these .68 caliber paintball guns are the latest rage since the T68 first hit the scene. 

The 468 is the baby of much research and development from its grandfather, the T68 Gen7 paintball gun. Just like a real rifle, paintball ammo is fed into these guns by a 20 round magazine. This feature makes for a very true-to-life looking weapon. Each 468 replicates the exact ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, their natural point of aim...and the thrilling experience of carrying one into mil-sim paintball action!

The 468 Complete Lower Receiver is the lower portion of the 468 receiver. This kit is ideal for those that wish to build their own 468 magazine fed paintball gun from the body up. This kit includes all lower internals, components and trigger assembly for the 468 marker.

You can also choose if you want to upgrade your 468 Lower Reciever to be Dmag compatible from the options below.  This will allow your 468 magazine fed marker to shoot the deadly accurate First Strike paintball rounds.

The 468 Complete Lower Receiver Kit Includes:
1 x Complete Lower Receiver
1 x Standard 20 Round Magazine

*Due to high demand, this product may take up to 30 business days for processing and delivery.

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