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When you’re just getting into paintball, it’s smart to read up on the subject before hitting the field.  There’s much to learn before you go…. What kind of equipment will you need, how to play the game and where can you go to play are some important basics.  There’s a fast learning curve once you start playing, but even advanced paintballers often end up scouring the internet for more information about their sport.  Common themes are paintball equipment maintenance, different game variations and tactical strategies to be a more effective player.

ArticlesArticlesStart your search with detailed information; choose from multiple subjects ranging from troubleshooting problems with your equipment, how to pick the right paintball gear and starting a team. Find tons of ideas for different types of paintball games and detailed info about field positions and which guns are best for each player.
Paintball ForumPaintball ForumWelcome to the paintball community! Get your questions answered or just wet your appetite for the latest information about the hottest gear and different ideas about how to play, practice and stay on top of the game. You can also leave comments and share your thoughts about anything paintball.

While the list of topics included in our forum and articles pages is by no means exhaustive, we are constantly adding new information several times a week.  At, we not only want to offer great prices on a huge selection of the best paintball gear, but we also strive to be a credible source of paintball information.  If you have an article you’d like to submit, contact us at  We are also happy to offer discounts and free products to regular contributors articles and information we can use on our site.  For more details of how this works, read the article, “Earn Discounts For Writing Blogs & Articles”.

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