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Keep Your Game Safe, Less Painful and More Fun with Protective Paintball Gear. We offer the Best Paintball Padded Safety Clothing at Cheap Sales Prices making it Easy and Affordable for you to Buy individual Padding or create a Good Full Body Armor Suit.

Even though getting hit with a paintball is not dangerous, it almost always leaves an unsightly bruise that can take weeks to fade away.  Even with baggy clothing on, a direct hit with a speeding paintball often still leaves a bruise and definitely still hurts.  At close ranges, an impact directly against the skin will sometimes even cause slight bleeding.  In most cases, the sting of impact can be too intense for youngsters and often keeps new players hesitant to get involved with the sport.  Padded protective gear for paintball is not only safer, but makes the game much more enjoyable and will allow you to play uninhibited.  Covering your body from head to toe with padded protective paintball gear will allow you to enjoy the adrenalin and strategy of the game without being so fearful.  Imagine yourself as virtually impervious when covered with full body armored protection; the new confidence will allow you to experience the intensity of play with reckless abandon.
Besides the pain of being shot, injuries are also common because paintball is such a physical sport.  In competition speedball, timed matches and high stakes produce intense action with much crawling, diving and sliding behind bunkers for cover.  Cuts, scrapes and bruises are common when combat is adrenalin filled, wide open and unrestrained. Similar movements are also experienced in scenario woodsball, however compounded by the raw, natural setting this game is played in.  With the right padding, you will have good protection from being scraped up by the playing environment and can play much more aggressively without getting hurt.  The best padded full body armor provides a layer of safety against landing on sharp sticks, rough gravel or even thorn bushes.  Protective gear clothing that covers your joints also adds another layer of comfort by offering more support for prevention of musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and strains.
For the best performance on the field, make sure your protective paintball gear is lightweight and does not restrict your range of motion.  No matter what position you play on the field, it’s always best if your body armor apparel is easy to move in and doesn’t weigh you down.  For the longest lasting equipment, purchase protective gear that’s not only comfortable and safe, but extremely durable.  Some brands offer protection to the body with individual cells of foam padding, while others are covered by thick rubber coating in strategic areas.  While rigid full body armor made with hard plastic provides the most complete protection, it can be cumbersome to move in.  More advanced players often wear protective padding made of foam cells sewn into comfortable lycra based clothing.  While providing a bit less protection, these padded safety garments feel great and allow unrestricted agility.
When shopping for good protective gear clothing it’s important you choose apparel that not only provides the best coverage but is also comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.  At, we take safety seriously; all our paintball protective padding and full body armor is name brand, state of the art and feels great to wear for as long as you want.  We’ve made it a point to keep the prices of our protective gear as cheap as possible so it won’t cost a lot to keep you safe and comfortable for the most active play.  Our online store makes it easy to buy good padded clothing piece by piece or get completely outfitted with a full suit of body armor shipped directly to your front door for the cheapest price.  Contact us if you have questions about sizes or performance of any of our protective paintball pads and we will be glad to assist you.

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