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Eliminate Your Opponents Faster & Easier w/New Precision From the Best Paintball Gun Scopes & Sights. We Offer a Huge Selection of Top Quality Short & Long Range Paintball Gun Scopes & Optical Accessories For Tactical Markers on Sale For Cheap Prices.

If you can be the most accurate shooter on the paintball field, you will be the mvp in many games.  Unfortunately, most stock paintball guns shoot about the same regarding power and precision.  In most cases though, it only takes a few cheap, easy to install accessories to immediately improve your marker’s accuracy.  If you own a tactical paintball gun, the best way to upgrade precision is with a good scope.  Most tactical markers are made to be extremely realistic and are often compatible with accessories from actual firearms, including long and short range scopes and sights.  This allows for a giant selection of optical options, especially if your paintball gun is equipped with military spec rails for mounting.  When this is the case, paintball gun scopes are easy to install, readily available, surprisingly affordable and will make an immediate difference in your paintball marksmanship. 
When shopping for the best paintball gun scope, it’s a good idea to match the strength/size of the optical accessory to the type of marker you have and position you play on the field.  As scopes come in a wide variety of ranges, it’s easy to pay too much for something that’s too powerful for what you will actually need.  For example, you can pay a lot of money for a long range scope but you will barely use it if you mostly play on the front line.  Scopes with longer ranges also tend to be larger sized that can be cumbersome and throw off the balance of smaller markers used by front players.  Long range scopes work best on tactical paintball guns designed for precision distance shooting.  Players who operate from the back field or like to pick off key opponents from hidden vantage points are well suited for paintball gun scopes with good range.  Keep in mind however that expensive hunting scopes often have ranges that far exceed that of even the most powerful paintball guns, so it’s easy to end up purchasing much more than what you may actually use. 
While adding a high powered scope to your tactical paintball gun is a good way to gain precision for distance shooting, the best use of these optical accessories are for short range fighting.  Scopes and sights that are less powerful are better suited for most paintball guns and the sizes of most playing fields.  These instruments also tend to be lighter, shorter in length, have smaller profiles and fit better on most tactical markers as well.  For mid-field and front players, paintball gun scopes with larger viewing areas are easiest to use for faster targeting and fit the speed of the game better than long range scopes.  Considering the maximum distance most paintball guns can shoot, short range scopes and sights work best even for back field players, however they may not look as cool on a decked out rifle.  Short range scopes are considerably cheaper in price compared to higher powered scopes, making them more affordable for a recreational gamer’s budget. 
One of the fastest and easiest ways to add accuracy to your shot is by adding a good paintball gun scope.  With the right mount, these accessories are simple to attach and easy to use.  By matching the right type/range of the scope you choose with the type of shooting you will doing in the game, you will not only be more effective on the field but also save money.  Besides the obvious advantage of being more precise with your shooting, adding a good paintball gun scope or sight will give your marker a fierce, tactical look.  If you’re going to spend the money, don’t get stuck with something cheap, make sure the scope you buy is the best quality.  This is why it’s smart to shop with our online store.  We only offer scopes from top rated companies who offer the best selection for the cheapest prices.  We also have great customer service in case you’re not sure of what to get or need help with your order.  If you’re not sure which scope will work best with the paintball gun you have, contact us by phone or email and we’ll be glad to help. 

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