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Project Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front Sight

Project Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front Sight

Project Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front Sight
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The great thing about the Project Salvo paintball gun is that it's so compatible with so many accessories; you will never grow tired of this marker! The Project Salvo CQB Barrel w/M4 Front Sight is a great way to give your Salvo a completely different look and feel.
Simply screw in this barrel in place of the stock hand guard, and you will instantly transform your Project Salvo into a realistic sub machine gun paintball marker! Installation takes seconds and requires no tools. Not only will the CQB Barrel w/M4 Front Sight give your gun new look, but this product will also improve its performance!
The barrel included in this package is a 6 inch rifled barrel. Rifled barrels have grooves inside that run their length to glide and guide the paintball as it exits; this allows for a straighter, more accurate projectile. The M4 front sight is also great for lining up your target and improving your aim.
The Project Salvo CQB Barrel w/M4 front sight also includes a realistic M4 bird cage muzzle brake. This piece easily screws on and off and can be replaced with other interesting looking muzzle brakes or even a paintball gun silencer.
Buy the Project Salvo CQB Barrel w/M4 Front Sight from ChoicePaintballGuns and you can be sure you're getting a quality product delivered in a timely manner. Shopping our website is easy and secure and you will agree... the only and best way to get all your paintball equipment!
This package includes:
- 1 x 1 Inch Diameter 6 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
- 1 x M4 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake
- 1 x M4 Front Sight
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