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Bulk 20 lbs. CO2 Tank

Bulk 20 lbs. CO2 Tank

Bulk 20 lbs. CO2 Tank
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Paintball markers use CO2 or high pressure compressed air to cycle and propel their paint. Without compressed air or CO2 your paintball gun simply will not work. When deciding between CO2 or compressed air tanks there are a few things to consider. CO2 tanks are typically lighter and smaller then compressed air tanks while yielding the same numbers of shots per fill. It’s also easier to find places such welding supply stores, fire extinguisher shops and paintball pro shops that can refill CO2 tanks. 
CO2 tanks are also cheaper than compressed air tanks allowing you to own several tanks so you can make sure you have enough to last a full day of paintball and not have to stop in the middle to refill. However, even if you own multiple CO2 paintball gun tanks they will all eventually run out and need to be refilled. Constantly having to go to a store to refill your tanks is a hassle and time consuming, and if they run out during the middle of match, your day will end if you don’t have the ability to refill them on your own. 
Having a bulk 20lb CO2 refill tank will allow you to have the C02 you need on hand to refill your own paintball gun tanks saving you tons of time and ensure you don’t run out of C02 in the middle of a game. This bulk 20 lbs. CO2 tank has enough CO2 for approximately 180 fills of 45 gram cylinders! So it will last a long time without having to be refilled. It also includes a deep tube that makes connecting it to and refilling your paintball rifle’s CO2 tanks fast and easy. Once empty, this bulk 20lb C02 tank can be taken to your local air supplier and exchanged for a new one or refilled.
At our online paintball supplies store we have this bulk 20lb C02 refill tank at the best discount price possible. The normal retail price is $269. We currently have it on sale for only $249 making it easy and affordable for you to keep your paintball marker’s CO2 tanks filled and your equipment functioning properly at all times! If you have any questions about this bulk 20lb refill tank or any of the other paintball supplies we have for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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